Cörsivœ, when social networks are bad (for those who don’t know how to be on social networks)

Cörsivœ, when social networks are bad (for those who don't know how to be on social networks)

For some time now, social networks have often been a heap of insults and insults. The virtual sewer of real life. Fortunately, there are 'innocent escapes' – such as cörsivœ – which help to mitigate tones and arguments. The intervention of Francesco Provinciali

The "quarrel" raised by a couple of friends who invented the so-called "cursive spoken language" on TikTok has been circulating on the net for a few days. In itself a verbal nonsense, since italics are denoting the written language, not the spoken one. Unlike those who were unleashed on social media with insults, insults and the usual sermons about young people who are not doing well, I even found this lexical "invention" that is making followers of followers nice and original.

The girls who speak in italics intend to play with words, give them a cadence that they define similar to that of the young people of Milan to drink and smoke, stretched, semi-dialectal, modern and free from the schemes of grammatical and narrative orthodoxy. Is there anything wrong with that?

I don't think so, also because they themselves speak of it as a game, a way of expressing themselves outside the strictly orthodox schemes. Yet those who lashed out against this youthful linguistic invention have deployed all the worst paraphernalia of human feelings: there are those who have come to wish these adolescents death. Only for a linguistic game that expresses the intelligence of divergent thinking.

A few days ago, while talking with him in the mountains, Reinhold Messner defined social media as “a ruin”.

If the turn that some exchanges take to the poison is this one cannot blame him.

Social media have long been an infamous cayenne of insults, insults, bad words. The virtual sewer of real life. If there is room for 'innocent escapes' this helps to mitigate tones and arguments.

Instead, the worst part of us comes out, the worst atrocities pour into it, sexual predators and other pleasant crap roam the web: if some young frequenter uses it for a goliardic linguistic fun, it seems unfair to discredit its image. All the more so if it is an innocent verbal digression. In one of the social networks there is no epic battle of ideals but only utterances and opinions of public prosecutors widespread among ordinary people. Because we are a people of navigators, influencers and rude people. And as Tolstoy wrote "everyone thinks of changing humanity but no one thinks of changing himself".

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