Draghi, Mattarella and tattered justice

Draghi, Mattarella and tattered justice

End of the seven-year period with some bitterness about justice for Sergio Mattarella. Here because. The Scratches of Damato

With the inauguration of the judicial year in the Supreme Court in his presence, among stoats, bows and anti-Covid masks, the presidential mission of Sergio Mattarella really ended – and with a certain bitterness, as we will see. The confirmation of which, after having been repeatedly opposed by himself, despite the encore requested above and below, by the political leaders with a certain discretion or reticence, as you prefer, and by ordinary citizens with a certain enthusiasm, among squares, theaters and ceremonies in the Quirinal Palace itself, vanished in the face of the growth of Mario Draghi's candidacy. Which only Marco Travaglio's irreducible Fatto Quotidiano attributes to the generosity, hopes and even the maneuvers of the "journaloni".

The poster with that front page title on Draghi "advancing" has thus become a newspaper. Or Il Foglio with that title in red on "Who earns it with Draghi al Colle (all)". Or the Debenedettiano Domani with that editorial entitled "What is missing to get to the election of Draghi", not in an ironic or skeptical sense but to say that we are now there, despite the delays, at least as I write, in the operations of self-removal of the noisy – but nothing more – Silvio Berlusconi's candidacy, I am content to have occupied the front pages of the newspapers for quite some time even with his hesitations. As if he had really been the "protagonist" of the race, the loyalists say and write, also satisfied with so much presumed success. We will see the effects of which, however, within the center-right itself, where a certain, widespread intolerance towards the Knight and also his missionary in the palaces of politics and institutions, already undersecretary with him at the Prime Minister's office, has emerged more and more clearly. Last and somewhat controversial was Gianni Letta's visit to Palazzo Chigi before going to the penultimate vertex of the center-right at Villa Grande, Berlusconi's new Roman residence on the ancient Appian Way.

At the beginning I wrote about the bitterness that – perhaps even Mattarella himself – caused the inauguration of the judicial year in the Supreme Court. Of which Piero Sansonetti's Riformista , particularly sensitive to the problems of justice, complained with a flashy front page headline – "Shhh, the judicial year opens, but don't tell anyone …" – a certain clandestinity, even in the 'abundance of photographs and television images.

With a humble tone, between quotes from Voltaire and Leonardo Sciascia, also relieved by the nightmare of not even being able to participate in the ceremony after being almost deposed by the Council of State and hastily reinstated by the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the President of the Cassation Pietro Curzio he wished, promised, guaranteed – as you prefer – that "the judges will be able to correct their mistakes ". And this evidently, or hopefully, on the road to that "regeneration" claimed several times by Mattarella in the face of the explosion of the various, not very commendable events of togas, careers and so on.

But unlike Curzio, and his almost apologetic tones, the Attorney General of the Cassation Giovanni Salvi proudly claimed the functioning of the internal supervision of the judiciary, and therefore his reliability towards a public opinion that is perhaps too critical or pretentious. Think about it, out of 1748 reports of criminal offenses by magistrates the self-control system has filed 1229. It could even reach 1230 to make a round figure.

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