Here are the numbers of the Inps papocchio on the Cig: shame!

Here are the numbers of the Inps papocchio on the Cig: shame!

The workers awaiting arrears from layoffs (Cig) could be about half a million. Confirmation comes from Guglielmo Loy, president of the INPS policy and supervision council. All the details (which deny the numbers of the INPS president, Tridico)

Storm Cig sull'Inps. Here are all the details and numbers.

“There is still a hitch. According to our tables, the differential between the applications presented and those authorized is still high ”, Guglielmo Loy, president of the Board of direction and supervision of the Institute (Civ), said yesterday on the Cig.

The difference is precisely 226,792 thousand files, writes the Corriere della Sera today . Some maybe recent, others more mature. All in stand-by.

But the audience of affected workers is higher, Loy points out. And it could even touch half a million, says the president of the Institute's Steering and Supervisory Board (Civ).

In detail, there are 51,364 ordinary CIG practices in hand, 139,311 those for the cash in derogation (extended to companies with less than 5 employees), 36,117 those that refer to wage integration funds (crafts), Corriere della Sera added. .

"Of course, a lot of questions have been collected recently," Loy points out, but the data show that often the time to pay for the service is still long.

It happened, explains Loy, that the practices accumulated because at a certain point the funds were running out, so much so that the government has repeatedly financed the cig with various decree laws, most recently the August decree, now in Parliament, which also introduced the first selective criteria, providing for a contribution of 18% of the salary for companies that put workers on layoffs despite not having suffered a drop in turnover and of 9% if the decrease was up to 20% (no contribution is due for higher drops). Stakes that it was necessary to introduce. But that, Loy notes, could lengthen the practices.

Figures in any case very, very far from those made just last Friday by the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico , who had spoken of "30 thousand" people waiting. And in fact this is the number that appears in the tables published on the Institute's web portal. Data updated as of 10 September, the number of those waiting is in detail equal to 30,324.

But it is a specific segment of those who are entitled to the Cig, which corresponds to those who have not received "no payment", we read in the note accompanying the cards on the supplements provided directly by the INPS. “Mainly” with reference to the applications received from June onwards. Hoping therefore that there are no cases, if not sporadic, of previous arrears.

On this too Loy explains : "Thirty thousand – says Loy – are those who have not yet taken a euro". But the bulk is made up of workers who have so far only received a first tranche of the subsidy and are waiting for the rest.

“There is a high part overdue by a month, and some significant parts overdue by a couple of months. What we fear is that with the August decree questions with more difficult procedures will accumulate, the legislator is taking his part not to simplify ”, added the president of the INPS Civ.

In all this, however, the companies are still waiting for the circular implementing the decree approved last month, the president of the Civ is keen to remark, which is the body that sets guidelines, objectives and approves the INPS budget.

Even the premier admitted the defaillance. "The theme is that there are Italian citizens who are still waiting for layoffs", underlined today the premier, Giuseppe Conte, after answering a question on the matter concerning the salary of Pasquale Tridico: "On this then the president of the INPS, all INPS workers and all those who have a role, and I first, we have to work day and night, because just one worker is enough who took the redundancy supplement in derogation in May but did not take it in June , July, August, September, is a problem ”for those who have no means of subsistence. Therefore, he observed, “it makes no sense to say that millions have taken it but there is still a small number that have not received it, because they are families”.

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