Here is the mistake that Zingaretti does not want to recognize the Inbox

Here is the mistake that Zingaretti does not want to recognize the Inbox

Accusations and amnesia of Zingaretti due to the sleep procured him by Bettini. The Scratches of Damato

As has been happening more and more often since professional editorialists got into the habit of looking more at the surface than in depth, it was the nice old cartoonist Sergio Staino who told us best of all the sudden and altered resignation of Nicola Zingaretti as secretary of the Pd. He pointed his pencil at Giuseppe Conte imagining him as the designated successor: other than the 5 Star movement entrusted to the former Prime Minister by Beppe Grillo on the terrace of the Roman hotel overlooking the imperial forums.

Zingaretti's Lent was already hard due to the mistakes he made in managing the government crisis, then reproached him by opponents and internal critics, following the advice of Goffredo Bettini and saying "Count or elections", equivalent to "Count or death", until Mario Draghi was confronted. Which he too, like Conte, had mistaken for a man too tired of the efforts at the helm of the European Central Bank and essentially indifferent to the troubles of his country. But this Lent has become very hard, unsustainable when the designation of Conte at the head of a refounded or regenerated grillino movement has resulted in the polls in four points less for the Democratic Party and six more for the 5 Stars, or as it is. they will call at the end of the operation triggered by the Genoese comedian.

In practice, Zingaretti woke up from sleep supervised or procured by Bettini and realized that he had inadvertently cultivated what once, at the time of the first Republic, politicians would have called "the enemy at home" under the guise of a favorite ally. And rather than take it out on his gullibility, superficiality, short vision and so on, the brother of Commissioner Montalbano took it out on his party mates suddenly discovering – even in this – that they are always the same, more attentive to their currents and undercurrents than to the problems of the country and even of the party understood as a community, if not as a "company", according to the name used since the time of the PCI by Pier Luigi Bersani.

Now it seems that the first knot to be solved is that of the true nature of Zingaretti's resignation, suspected by some of having thrown his renunciation on the scales of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party next week to be confirmed, or even acclaim secretary and deal with rediscovered energy – so to speak – the deadlines of a congress probably anticipated and of the administrative elections in the meantime postponed from spring to autumn due to, or thanks to, the pandemic. But the good Fabio Martini, always in the press , like Sergio Staino with his cartoon, has gathered the confidence of a companion of Zingaretti who would have heard him speak by telephone of an "irrevocable" renunciation.

Also displaced by the events, the friends of Zingaretti in the Fatto Quotidiano have shown to take it, in the opening title of the newspaper, and embedded photomontage, with Draghi and the "collateral damage" of his government. But it is a title curiously denied by the director Marco Travaglio, who in his editorial acknowledges the new prime minister to be "fortunately no stranger to political games" and takes it out on the head of state. That he would have practically imposed it at Palazzo Chigi by renouncing the early elections which he would have previously pretended to be available. In short, Mattarella like Napolitano with Monti in 2011, or the Barberini after the barbarians many, many centuries ago. Wide culture….

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