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How Salvini moves in struggle and government

How Salvini moves in struggle and government

Paola Sacchi's Note on the latest moves of Matteo Salvini's League

Matteo Salvini of struggle and government. There is no day when the leader of the League, known as "the captain", is not on the ball and his agenda does not include a series of events from morning to evening. Travel to Italy, the day before in Sardinia, the day after in Tuscany. A flurry of meetings on vaccines, from the authorities of San Marino to the ambassador of India and again video conferences such as the one with the Hungarian premier Viktor Orban, fresh from his resignation from the EPP group.

A "frenetic vortex" has been defined in recent days by the "legologist" of Corriere della Sera Marco Cremonesi. There are many issues, from vaccines to tax bills but without neglecting the requests to the Draghi government, of which the League is a central shareholder, for support also for amateur sport. The former Minister of the Interior also asked the premier and his successor at the Interior Ministry, Luciana Lamorgese, for a meeting on immigration control, even after the escape from the hot-spot in Pozzallo.

Salvini applauds the League's requests that have come to fruition: first of all the resignation of Domenico Arcuri , he welcomes the appointments, from that of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to the change with Fabrizio Curcio in Civil Protection. He applauds Mario Draghi's line, making it his own, and at the same time he presses. The Northern League leader praises his number two Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economic Development, for his commitment to produce vaccines in Italy. In the meantime, he does not forget to greet the socialist Carlo Tognoli who died a few days ago as “a good mayor and a great Milanese”. Important words of recognition to an administrator and leading exponent of the Craxian PSI once not very frequent in the League.

Only yesterday afternoon Salvini's agenda found a small break, evidently for the birthday of the "captain". But yesterday in the morning she did not fail to release an interview on her "first 48 years" to Annalisa Chirico via Facebook. Salvini gives a preview of the news about the intention to create a new group in Europe. An announcement that sounds like the separation from the German Afd, attested to extremist positions. He says that the League will not enter the EPP at the moment, so it does not seem to close the door for the future, but his intention seems to be to affirm the centrality of the League with a Europeanism that does not intend to appear gregarious. And so Orban himself (Hungarians together with the Poles) could also be part of that new group, given instead by the chronicles leaving for the Conservatories by Giorgia Meloni. That is the leader of the Brothers of Italy, ally and competitor in the center-right in Italy, remained in opposition to the Draghi government.

The Salvini of struggle and government in Italy and in the EU is evident that he wants to consolidate his League more and more as a central party, while the polls continue to give him first and growing. "It's true. Europe is our home, as Salvini said, but for this very reason he wants Europe to go in the direction of our objectives, which put the national interest first. There must be corrective measures, because the EU has recently made mistakes, starting with those on vaccines “, explains a senior member of Via Bellerio.

Some in the mainstream newspapers have taken up the narrative on the basis of the old patterns of the League divided between governors and movementists, even predicting a crisis sooner or later, as happened with Count 1. But it has passed since then as a geographical era in policy. And the result of the profound change, with the entry of the League into the executive of the former president of the ECB, was the profound crisis in which the left, the former yellow-red majority widow of the Conte / 2, who still seems to regret a Count ter never born. And it is also for this "void" on the left that the Salvini of struggle and government stands out even more.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/come-si-muove-il-salvini-di-lotta-e-di-governo/ on Wed, 10 Mar 2021 09:36:18 +0000.