Hurray, Davigo is retiring

Hurray, Davigo is retiring

All the news for Davigo, Conte and Di Maio in Damato's Scratches

On another day when fears are wasted, among so many emergencies, it is comforting to be able to come across at least three good news.

The first, in order of appreciation for the writer, is the forfeiture of Pier Camillo Davigo from the Superior Council of the Judiciary for having lost the right to be part of it with the current age of 70, and the consequent retirement as a magistrate, except for surprises by the Tar he wants to use.

This is naturally deplorable news for Il Fatto Quotidiano , which defined in the front page title "turncoats" the councilors who in the Palazzo dei Marescialli, starting with the "leaders" of the judiciary who are rightly involved, have "chased" one who, to hear his supporters, having been elected to the CSM by 2552 judges out of 8010, he should and should be considered free from any legal constraint. Which is a logic also contested with insults to politicians when they claim, in defense of their actions that have fallen under the lens of the prosecutors and surroundings, the consensus that led them to Parliament, albeit for some time with the shame of the lists blocked by the parties who then impose them on their constituents.

Evidently convinced that the qualification of "turncoat" was not enough, the director of Fatto Quotidiano Marco Travaglio gave in his editorial to the directors who wanted to deprive themselves of Davigo, and to the magistrates who shared his vote from the outside, or asked for it , of the “envious of its popularity, its credibility and its moral rigor”. Which particularly shone in the Milan prosecutor's office, when he worked with Antonio Di Pietro, Gherardo Colombo and others in the investigations known as "Clean Hands", costing the life of the so-called First Republic, as well as some physical defendant, so to speak. And to think that, personally, very personally, in addition to doubting many aspects and methods of that season for other epic, I thought that Davigo had put himself out of the judiciary when on television he divided the Italians or, more particularly the investigated and accused, not between innocent and guilty but between those who can get away with it and those who do not, therefore all being guilty.

The second piece of news, learned by reading the political chronicles of the Corriere della Sera , is the loss of consensus that the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte begins to suffer , to whom – again on Corriere – the good Massimo Gramellini, serving us his daily coffee, attributed the " Christian Democratic vein ”to“ always agree with everyone a little, but never completely with anyone ”. He has just done so with the problem of the Mes, that is of the European credit for the strengthening of the health system, first snubbed and then taken into consideration for the protests of the Democratic Party, up to obtaining a stinging cartoon of the usually benevolent Sheet and to suffer, not to promote how challenge, as attributed to it by the usual Fatto Quotidiano , the much hated or mistreated "verification" of the majority. Which will, however, be subsequent to that sort of unlikely clarifying congress of grillini.

The third good news of the day comes from the grillini: an interview in which Luigi Di Maio assures that he "never proposed" the so-called "third term". Therefore, his political experience should be considered over, at least at a certain level, in a little less than two and a half years, unless anticipated by the premature conclusion of the legislature.

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