I’ll tell you about the fatuous flames of the election campaign

I'll tell you about the fatuous flames of the election campaign

The latest news in view of the elections of 25 September noted by Francesco Damato

It seems that it was Matteo Renzi himself, to test himself for the "generosity" boasted during the negotiations, who chose the size of the name of Calenda in the electoral symbol of the third pole, as the one made up of Action and Italia Viva is now generally called. despite protests, tears and so on from the Fatto Quotidiano for a kind of theft suffered by Giuseppe Conte. Which in the polls precedes Calenda under the center-right now led by Giorgia Meloni and the Pd of Enrico Letta, or democratic and progressive Italy, as you prefer.

Because of the letters, the italics and the graphics, the name of Calenda, among the various symbols in the running for the vote on 25 September, is even more clear, conspicuous, legible than that Berlusconi printed under Forza Italia. Of which the elderly Cavaliere is president, as the subtitle recalls, with no allusions now to a candidacy for Palazzo Chigi. Of political presidencies, in addition to his party, in Berlusconi's future there could soon be only that of the Senate, where, however, he himself has currently only run for a seat equal to all the others, and the one he lost due to tax fraud. November 27, 2013.

In addition to the desired characters for their names in the electoral symbols, Calenda and Berlusconi, or vice versa, are fighting for the paternity of the next government, the first of the new legislature. The former Prime Minister by now, willy-nilly, barring sensational surprises from the polls, must push for the arrival of the first woman at the top of the executive in the history of Italy: Giorgia Meloni, of whom he has just recognized, indicated, appreciated "the courage" comparing it to his. Calenda, on the other hand, is openly and proudly committed to the confirmation of Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi, this time at the head of a government not subjected to the ruinous "centrality" of the 5 Star Movement, finally dissolved with the Chambers by the President of the Republic. It is unlikely, to say the least, in the new ones.

In favor of Draghi, despite the political hiring just announced by Carlo Cottarelli, also known as "the Dragons of the poor", it should and could also be the Democratic Party for having supported the first government longer and perhaps even more convincingly than all the others in the very special majority, almost national unity, wanted by Mattarella in 2021 due to the impossibility, then, of sending the Italians to vote in full pandemic: the famous "Conticide" denounced by the friends and admirers of the professor and lawyer now at the helm of this which remains of the movement founded and still “guaranteed” by Beppe Grillo.

But to return or stay with Draghi at Palazzo Chigi, the Meloni race must fail: an objective to which the Republic gives its contribution today on the media level by shooting, let's say, on the front page a photo of the leader of the Italian right in an antiviral mask with much of the printed flame of the late Social Movement, in turn evocative of Mussolini's tomb. "The old flame", headlines the newspaper, complete with an editorial by the former director Ezio Mauro on the fascist "shadows of the twenty years" that would survive the archiving announced in several languages ​​by the sister of the brothers of Italy.

On this filing – "we have consigned that experience to history", Giorgia Meloni said verbatim – Il Foglio jokes today with a cartoon on the front page, thus completing the alignment with the Pd anticipated with the personal announcement of Giuliano Ferrara to vote for him on September 25th. And patience for the now former "love of ours" of the leafy, that is Silvio Berlusconi.

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