Italy in the last places in the vaccination of the over 80. Report Ispi

Italy in the last places in the vaccination of the over 80. Report Ispi

Numbers and comparisons between European states grappling with vaccination of the over 80-year-olds in the report by analyst Villa dell'Ispi with data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc).

By the end of March , 80% of the over 80 population and the health and social care staff should be vaccinated . This is requested by a communication from the European Commission dated 19 January 2021.

How is Italy doing with this goal? Very bad is the response of an ISPI study edited by the analyst Matteo Villa , according to which we will be able to reach the European target no earlier than 5 July .

Italy has adopted a vaccination strategy that is almost unique in Europe which envisages vaccinating health workers in the first instance, some even quite young, and only after the over 80s , who are more exposed to very negative consequences of the disease.

Among other things, the vaccination campaign for the over 80s started a couple of weeks ago but does not follow the same pace throughout the national territory. In Puglia , for example, vaccinations only started today.

The Italian strategy: first the baby boomers and then the elderly

The point, according to the research of the Ispi (Institute for International Political Studies), is that, precisely because of the scarcity of doses, it would be necessary to vaccinate first those who are most at risk from any Covid-19 infection. At the moment, according to the data provided by the Government report, of the 3,537,975 doses administered only 547.62 have been injected to over 80s .

The highest number of vaccinated people are found among those born in the 1960s , 830,243 people between 50 and 50, followed by the over 40s with 646,935, just behind the thirty-year-olds with 514,827 people vaccinated.

The lethality of the virus , that is the possibility that a Covid-19 infection leads to death, grows exponentially with the increasing age of the Sars-Cov2 host. For this reason, the best strategy is to vaccinate the most advanced age groups , and then go down.

The scarcity of doses cannot be an alibi

The scarcity of doses available in our country cannot be an alibi – we read in the report edited by Villa, which follows the trend of the pandemic not only in Italy for Ispi – because "the doses destined for each member country of the European Union they are distributed by the European Commission on the basis of the national population ". Smaller countries have some small advantages, however the number of doses remains low for all.

What happens in Europe

ISPI researchers have processed data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on vaccine doses administered to people over the age of eighty up to 14 February in 16 countries of the European Union. The results are not comforting for our country. “Four European countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden) have already given at least the first dose of the vaccine to a quarter or more of their 80+. France (23%) and Germany (22%) follow suit ”. The latter are two countries with a population comparable to ours, even in the quota of over-80s. Italy closes the ranking with a meager 6%, just above Lithuania at 3% and just below Croatia at 7%.

These numbers manage to make a forecast that is not at all reassuring: the lethality of the coronavirus will not be able to drop quickly in the coming months because the population most at risk has not been protected.

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