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Melons at the crossroads

Melons at the crossroads

Giorgia Meloni's latest moves between tight passes and mistakes. Damato's Scratches

It will certainly not be the rescue at sea following the massacre of migrants in Cutro, with the thousand and more saved of which the cartoonist of the Foglio makes the Prime Minister boast with the hope of "evening" the game that opened on the Calabrian coasts, to make change the political and media climate around Giorgia Meloni. Who by now, willy-nilly, with that Mattarella let go only to pay homage to the bodies and to console family members and survivors, not even visited by her on the occasion of the trip of the Council of Ministers to Cutro , has not I say earned but certainly procured the image of a careless premier. The director Davide Varì has just reproached her for this in Doubt , suggesting that she change her register, certainly with more grace than Lucia Annunziata had done the day before in Stampa .


I must write frankly that it did not help Meloni to improve the situation, or to counter the demonized or demonizing representation of his position in the face of the inevitably dramatic phenomenon of clandestine immigration managed by smugglers, or by their labourers, as the president claims not without reason of the Italian criminal lawyers Gian Domenico Caiazza; The initiative taken yesterday to fly from Rome to Milan, after the meeting with the Israeli premier, to celebrate Matteo Salvini's birthday at dinner with Berlusconi did not help. A flight perfidiously emphasized in a title from the Republic next to the Altan cartoon in which Meloni is represented as a kind of Salvini doll.

Obviously, the Prime Minister did not notice the latter, or she has already forgiven him for the perfidy with which he wanted to close the government press conference in Cutro, boasting of the lower number of deaths at sea that occurred when he was minister of the Interior in the first government with the grillini waving the formula, albeit approximate, of "closed ports". Which was in the end also challenged by the then prime minister with a tough breaking speech in the Senate.

These are mistakes that should not be made or allowed. Errors that not only allow the cartoonist of Repubblica to reduce the premier to a doll of Salvini, but also to the Foglio to attribute her "the legacy of trucism" on the front page. So says a title explained in what is technically called a summary: "A Meloni in distress causes Salvini to claim that 2019 of closed ports, which was a disaster", which ended not by chance in a process still ongoing in Sicily allowed by Parliament thanks to the Grillino about-face.

Moreover, the opportunity to congratulate Salvini on his "first 50 years" vaunted by Libero , only four more than her, the premier had already had in Cutro between one thing and another. Or, perhaps it would be better to say, between one trip and the next.

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