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NexTech and Ids, all about Fincantieri subsidiaries participating in NATO’s Repmus exercise

NexTech and Ids, all about Fincantieri subsidiaries participating in NATO's Repmus exercise

Fincantieri, also through its subsidiaries NexTech and Ids, collaborates with the Naval Support and Experimentation Center of the Italian Navy on the occasion of Repmus 2023, an annual military exercise organized and hosted by the Portuguese Navy and NATO

Fincantieri solutions (developed with the subsidiaries NexTech and Ids) tested during the NATO Repmus 2023 exercise.

The Trieste naval group led by Pierroberto Folgiero is collaborating with the Naval Support and Experimentation Center of the Italian Navy in view of Repmus 2023. That is, the annual military exercise organized and hosted by the Portuguese Navy and NATO with the participation of forces foreign militaries, universities and hi-tech companies.

All the details on the solutions and the group companies involved.


As a company note explains, Repmus allows NATO and partner countries to test Fincantieri's solutions in the field of remote and unmanned systems in a realistic environment, which include the Multi Mission MUS Toolkit, a platform based on SAND (Surface Advanced Naval Drone) together with the innovative UMS (Unmanned Management System).

“The underwater dimension is acquiring growing relevance due to the presence of critical infrastructures, resources and activities. In this context, Fincantieri is an accelerator and catalyst of marine technologies, capable of providing underwater and surface action capabilities and guaranteeing interoperability between the fleet and unmanned vessels ” commented Fincantieri CEO Pierroberto Folgiero.


The Multi Mission MUS Toolkit can be integrated onto new generation ships and units already in service, increasing the effectiveness and operability of specific military activities and reducing or even eliminating personnel exposure to risks.


The UMS platform and autonomous driving activities, developed on the basis of the experience gained with the remote control aircraft systems of IDS (now part of Fincantieri NexTech), can be supervised by operators through appropriate remote control stations.


The Sand, launched in early 2019 as part of a joint project between IDS, Effebi and Meccano Engineering, is an unmanned, multi-role and reconfigurable surface vehicle that can be used for a variety of missions, from search to rescue , from environmental monitoring to maritime safety. The goal of the Sand is to address recursive or hazardous operational scenarios in which the deployment of personnel can be safely and effectively replaced by the use of autonomous, unmanned vessels.

Over the last year, the Launch and Recovery System (LARS) has been integrated onto the Sand, which is capable of deploying Graal Tech's autonomous underwater vehicles, thus implementing the capabilities of the mine counteraction, anti-submarine warfare and protection units. critical seabed infrastructure.

Through the Fincantieri NexTech UMS, the Sand, acting as a communication gateway, allows you to manage a coordinated team of unmanned systems of different types (flying, surface and submarine) from virtual ships on land or from real ships such as the Italian Fremm .


Therefore, the two subsidiaries of the shipbuilding group are also behind the solutions described so far. As stated on the website , Fincantieri Nextech (formerly Insis) is a technological company mainly active in the development of solutions for Defense and Security.

The headquarters is in Milan while the operational headquarters are in Follo, La Spezia. It employs over 200 people, 70% of whom are engineers, systems engineers and specialized technicians. It offers cutting edge products and services in the field of electronics, advanced systems, Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security. In particular, the company boasts expertise in the field of electronic and electro-optical systems, ICT solutions, physical and logical security, as well as technologies to support the monitoring and protection of large infrastructure networks.

To date, the group's business areas are defense, radio communications, security and automation, physical and logical security of critical infrastructures, IT, telecommunications, transport, infomobility, environmental monitoring and of infrastructural control.

The Fincantieri Nextech group is made up of: Reicom srl, Csi srl, Sec, Esseti Srl (51%), Hms It spa (60%), Sls srl and Prelios.


As part of strengthening its activities in sectors with high technological content, in 2019 the naval group then led by Giuseppe Bono acquired a majority share of the capital of Insis active in the IT and electronics sectors. In October 2020 Fincantieri completed the acquisition of the remaining 37% of the share capital of Insis.

The share capital amounts to 12 million euros. Today the company is 100% controlled by the Trieste shipbuilding group.


The board of directors is chaired by Gianpiero Massolo (formerly president of Fincantieri from 2016 to 2022). The board of directors comprises: Pierroberto Folgiero (CEO); Gianfranco Roati; Annalisa Bertuzzi; Lorenza Pigozzi; Alessandra Battaglia; Dario Deste and Luigi Materassi.


The company closed the 2022 financial statements in the negative with a loss of 16 million. Nextech recorded revenues of 65 million euros last year, up compared to 25 million euros in 2021. In the 2022 financial year, costs also increased to 92 million euros compared to 24 million euros in the previous year.

Debt also increased over the past year: from 16.9 million in 2021 to 34 million euros in 2022.


In 2021 Fincantieri took over Ids, an engineering company operating in both the defense and civil sectors based in Pisa, which today employs around 150 people.

The market-division areas in which Ids is structured use software design environments developed by the company's laboratories which guarantee the integration of basic skills (electromagnetism, radar technologies, communications, dynamic systems, etc.) with IT skills (data basic, Cad and Gis, simulations, object orientation, etc.)

Production, distribution and sales activities are carried out in Italy in the offices of Pisa, Rome and Naples; La Spezia, Catanzaro and Grottaglie (for unmanned systems, drones).


The reference markets, both national and foreign, include: shipyards; Defense administrations; aeronautical companies; railway company; engineering company; port bodies and authorities; airports and satellite communications companies.


With a share capital of 13 million euros, Ids spa is 100% controlled by Fincantieri Nextech. In January 2023 Fincantieri Nextech bought the stake held by Simest (10%) acquiring full ownership of the company.

The board of directors comprises, in addition to the president Gianmaria Giambacorta, Riccardo Bonalumi (Ad) and Lorenza Pigozzi.


The value of production at 31 December 2022 of Ids stands at 17 million euros (increasing compared to 12 million in 2021). This subsidiary of Fincantieri also closed the 2022 financial statements in the red: the loss amounted to 5 million euros (an improvement compared to 14 million in 2021). Production costs amount to 23 million euros.

The company boasts a total of tangible fixed assets worth 8.5 million euros in 2022. Ids has a total debt of 52 million euros (increasing compared to 39 million in 2021).

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/smartcity/nextech-e-ids-tutto-sulle-controllate-di-fincantieri-che-partecipano-allesercitazione-repmus-della-nato/ on Sun, 24 Sep 2023 18:18:49 +0000.