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Reputation manager and the Monti case of Enav

Reputation manager and the Monti case of Enav

The case of the CEO of Enav, Pasqualino Monti, in the ranking of managers' reputation. The letter from Claudio Trezzano

Dear director,

I read Francis Walsingham's letter with great curiosity and I thank both of you – the good Francis because with his usual refined but biting style he always manages to entertain me, you for giving him space – for having opened up to me a world made up of what the experts have learned to call personal branding.

Forgive my ignorance but I didn't know I was a brand. I naively believed that I was a person, like many others, with a face, a name, a surname. Instead, personal branding tells you that we are a bit like industries. For us journalists there is the prestige of the signature, which can give you access to certain editorial offices rather than others. For managers there is their personal branding. Even though I still don't understand how it's measurable. Let me explain: if a journalist is well-known and moves from newspaper A to rival B, you can measure what we would today call his "virality" by seeing the readers lost by the first newspaper and gained by the second, right?

But how do you measure the reputation linked to a particular manager? I naively believed it was enough to observe the financial statements of the companies they managed while they were leading them: perhaps without stopping at the turnover and cross-referencing the economics with investments in research and development and with the number of contracts concluded. But then Walsingham explained to me (indeed, he explained to us: let's assume that no one knew this) that there is this Reputation Manager SpA, which is also a Benefit Company , founded and led by Andrea Barchiesi, which draws up these reputation rankings, published monthly by Prima Comunicazione and Corriere della Sera .

On the scientific methodology underlying the rankings, Francis Walsingham was very clear. But I want to add some details to help you and Francis understand the rationale behind these monthly rankings. First of all there is historical reputation: “A first essential aspect is to consider reputation as the sum of a history and not as the expression of an instant, which certainly influences it but does not characterize it. Online contents have a much longer life than other communication channels, due to their online persistence and indexing on search engines which makes them always current. For this reason the analysis does not simply consider the Instant Reputation Ri(t) but also the historical reputation Rs(t)”.

Then the instant reputation: “The instant reputation R(i) is given by all the contents associated with the Manager in a certain period with a certain intensity while the historical reputation is given by the contents associated with the Manager throughout his digital life . A second fundamental aspect is to consider the difference between notoriety and reputation. Notoriety does not necessarily convey rewarding or distinctive key values ​​for a Manager.”

Obviously the online one: “The reputation at an instant t is given by the contribution of the Historical Reputation Rs with the Instant Reputation Ri. However, reputation at an instant t should not be confused with the reputational intensity Ir of the presence of a subject but the reputational quality Qr that is expressed must also be evaluated. Digital reputation is therefore a complex dynamic system that implies the historicization and persistence of the image and cannot be reduced to the concept of notoriety."

“The methodology leads to the definition of a monthly score from 0 to 100 with a degree of precision to the second decimal place. Each Executive is subject to an analysis of the different parameters that represent fundamental variables in building the reputation of a public figure on the web, such as perceived image, digital presence, degree of evolution, volumes and reputational impact. Each feature is assigned a score based on the volume and quality of the content detected." The method, in fact, is truly objective and unassailable. Just do: R(t) = F(Rs(t), Ri(t)) and R(t)= F(Ir(t), Q(t)).

In dear Francis' letter, mention was made of the leap in popularity of Pasqualino Monti, who, unlike Walsingham, I knew through a friend from Palermo who jokingly told me that he found it curious that he was still – at the same time – president of the Port Authority of Western Sicily and, since April, also CEO of Enav , the company that manages air traffic control in Italy. In my ignorance until then I thought that ships and planes were different and required different experiences and skills, much less did I believe they could both be controlled: but I am certainly not an air traffic controller or a skipper, so I remain humble in my ignorance. And in fact my friend is right, because online and on social media it is clear that he is still commissioner of the Port Authority of Western Sicily . Or maybe the site is not updated?

Moreover, the Sicilia.it blog reassured the entire Trinacria upon the appointment with a piece entitled: "Monti towards appointment to ENAV, from sea to sky the manager promises "I will not abandon the port system". Before anyone maligns like the 5 Stars of the past, Maritime Information specifies: "Assignments, Monti renounces his salary as president of the port of Palermo". While BlogSicilia.it explains: “Everyone is crazy about Pasqualino Monti, a manager who seems to be appreciated on multiple fronts and who is now moving towards a prestigious appointment within Enav. His name indicated by the Mef, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to fill the role of CEO. His figure therefore prevailed in a coveted race such as that of the seat of ENAV, the national civil aviation body which operates as a public company".

And below he added another piece: “In February another assignment for Monti. New external member of the board of directors of the University of Palermo appointed. For the rector of the university, Massimo Midiri, he will make a significant contribution to the activities of the Council thanks to his experience and expertise. He will be in office for the three-year period 2023-2026. “Monti is a very high profile figure who combines broad experience with transversal skills and stakeholder involvement” commented Midiri”.

Monti truly is transversal: air, water, academic. A true “triple A”. Yet Pasqualino Monti is in the lower part of the ranking. He doesn't even have a profile photo of himself (a hard blow for him: his friend from Palermo assured me that he is very careful, perhaps too much, about his image). It's unlikely you'll notice who's in sixty-ninth place. Luckily he won't be there for long, also thanks to that acceleration recorded in the October rankings, which saw him gain, in one fell swoop, 28 positions, as Walsingham noted. There is no top manager who has made similar leaps. And it's not difficult to understand why.

Given that "the ranking examines the web 1.0 channels (news and mentions), those on web 2.0 (blogs, social networks) and the historical evolution, calculating for each content the reputational contribution in both quantitative terms (volumes) what qualitative (values)”, I took advantage of the weekend of bad weather to google how much people are talking about Pasqualino Monti. And, surprisingly, at first it seems that not much has been said about it in recent months. The space dedicated to him by Il Sole 24 Ore in the article: “Monti “Enav will donate an electric car to the Palermo Polyclinic” is rather small.

Then I said to myself: what do you want the national newspapers to know about it, too concentrated on the usual names, reporting on the general strikes, the waltzes on the manoeuvre, the end of the Prime Minister's love story… let's try looking at the local newspapers, the ones that really close to the people and, therefore, to the news.

The first article that Google News returned to me is A tutto Monti: “Me, mayor? Never, but if they ask me I will lend a hand to revive the South Coast ", published a month ago on PalermoToday . Who knows how heartbroken the people of Palermo must have been to learn that the number 1 of the port authority and ENAV does not intend to find some space in the agenda to lead their city too.

In mid-October we find the article in Repubblica Palermo : “Pasqualino Monti: “The public can function if it defeats bureaucracy”. Then there was total silence on the web until last August 4th, when Pasqualino was interviewed again by Repubblica Palermo : “ Pasqualino Monti: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself, let's unite to relaunch tourism in Sicily ”. Here those who live in ports and planes rightly talk about… cars and trains. I'll give you the key: “Interview with the president of the Port Authority and CEO of Enav: “We need to work on the road and railway interconnection which is insufficient. But the Strait Bridge is also needed because work leads to work." Our Pasqualino is increasingly encyclopedic.

Then looking for news from him I ended up on a site I didn't know about Buttanissima Sicilia , a regularly registered newspaper which writes: "They were all there, on Friday evening, pretending to be as good and efficient as Pasqualino Monti, the president of the Port Authority who in five years he built the Trapezoidal Pier of Palermo: an island of beauty within a lost, abandoned, scarred city. There was Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister who promotes the great work of the Bridge over the Strait and forgets that Sicily urgently needs ordinary infrastructures such as roads or connections with the smaller islands. There was the mayor Roberto Lagalla, who is unable to deal with any emergency: neither traffic nor the even more filthy and smelly garbage. And there was also the President of the Region, Renato Schifani, the man of the melancholy parties at Palazzo d'Orleans, trapped for ten months in his plots as a politician. Yes, they all wanted to be Pasqualino Monti."

Judgments measured as befits those who provide information, right? ilSicilia.it even launched into hagiography on 4 April with a biographical piece entitled: "Pasqualino Monti: who is the manager who makes Italy travel". In the article we discover our manager's other interests: “Monti holds the Supply Chain Management course at the University of Naples Parthenope, Master's Degree in Marine Economics, and is a keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences in areas of its specialization, as well as cultural events organized by institutions and research bodies.”

Commitments that do not distract him from his activity in the Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea. “President Monti's work has never stopped – writes ilSicilia.it -. A clear example is the total change of look, still underway and evolving, of the port of Palermo. The first big step to note is certainly the inauguration of the small port of Sant'Erasmo, a symbolic intervention for a historic area of ​​the Sicilian capital, saved from degradation."

And again: “Among Monti's merits is also that of having strengthened the bond with Fincantieri, with the aim of making Palermo a Mediterranean hub for shipbuilding and relaunching the shipbuilding industry. An example is certainly the assignment of the construction of an amphibious ship LPD – Landing Platform Dock, which is part of the broader contract signed in 2016 with the Ministry of Defense of Qatar, for the supply of 7 new generation surface units".

In short, to use the words of ilSicilia.it "A job, carried out by Monti, which earned him honorary citizenship of Palermo, in May 2022, and the appointment as new external member of the Board of Directors of the University of Palermo for the three-year period 2023-2026, last February.”

Director, I'll spare you what Pasqualino did for Trapani, Porto Empedocle and Termini Imerese. Just know that it is highly appreciated by Sicilians. In fact, the article also explains to us: “In a city as difficult and fascinating as that of Palermo, Pasqualino Monti's vision has restored concreteness and hope at the same time. Hope, in those who did not believe the redevelopment of a space like that of the Port was possible, which had been waiting for the right attention for years. A door to the capital, a business card for tourists, a source of pride for the people of Palermo. Concreteness because, like it or not, the image of an "all-port Palermo" returns to be the protagonist of the attention of politicians, stakeholders, local and international entrepreneurs for the relaunch of a maritime economy which is fundamental for the rebirth of Sicily, for the relaunch of an entire country, Italy".

And since you only believe in numbers, here is the attack from the Giornale di Sicilia : "«In six years at the port of Palermo, employment has grown by 5 thousand units, from 18 thousand in 2017 to 23 thousand today. An occupation that has grown in a way that I would define as permanent, because it was born on a solid basis and is based on the creation of a real economy – says Pasqualino Monti, president of the Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea, during of the «Ansa meets» Forum”.

Pasqualino Monti is not only transversal in interests but also in the political world. As BlogSicilia writes: “His figure is highly appreciated at a bipartisan level in politics. In the last months of his mayorship, even the then mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando had sweet words for the manager. On the day that the then Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Alessandro Morelli came to visit last year, Orlando said: "Excellent work by Pasqualino Monti".

Director, I know I've already gone on a lot, but if you have some time left, from PalermoToday then watch the video attached to the article "Pasqualino Monti and the love for the sea: "How beautiful to see the people of Palermo enjoying Palermo Marina Yachting”.

Once upon a time, envious people maligned the secret of people's success, today the secret of success in the charts was about success. But I hope I have demonstrated with this quick overview, dear director, that in this case 28 positions are too few and that as long as Monti remains in the lower part of the ranking he will be doing injustice above all to the Sicilians who love him.

I hope you will take into consideration this heartfelt but necessary defense of mine (not that someone like Pasqualino Monti needs it), perhaps for the publication of an article or an in-depth analysis, which could also be useful for gaining some position in the manager reputation rankings.

Think about it, director.

Best wishes

Claudio Trezzano

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/smartcity/reputation-manager-e-il-caso-monti-di-enav/ on Mon, 20 Nov 2023 14:06:22 +0000.