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The courage of Meloni and Landini

The courage of Meloni and Landini

Reactions, comments and considerations on Meloni, guest of Landini's CGIL congress. Damato's Scratches

Moreover, on the day of an international event such as the arrest warrant issued by the International Court in The Hague against Putin, at least the thief of children in his war against Ukraine, everyone in our house questioned themselves, between newspapers and television lounges, who had more courage between the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini and the prime minister Giorgia Meloni: the one inviting her to the congress of his union, opened by himself with a tough report against the government, and the other agreeing to go and interrupt an almost thirty-year absence of premiers, center-right and center-left, from meetings of this kind.

Indeed, they both had courage. The first challenged an internal dissidence fortunately contained in the protests, in the exits from the hall, in a few whistles and in the usual partisan song of Bella ciao, metaphorically reciprocated by Meloni in a happy cartoon by Stefano Rolli on the 19th century. The other, outside of that cartoon, really challenged the protesters by exposing the government's line on labor issues, and more, with a clarity recognized by all, even by the most hostile newspapers to the most right-wing prime minister of all those who preceded her at the helm of a government in the Republic, even more than the Christian Democrat Fernando Tambroni backed in 1960 by the MSIs. "Reactionary, as always, but courageous", is the title of Piero Sansonetti's Riformista , who is about to bring "his" Unit back to newsstands, co-directed when it was the official organ of the PCI and subsequent editions.

“Meloni at the CGIL congress goes straight”, acknowledged Repubblica . Even "Meloni tames the CGIL, lair of the Communists", headlined the newspaper now in transit from the full ownership of the Berlusconi family to the control of the Angeluccis, former publishers of Libero and also interested in buying the Truth founded and directed by Maurizio Belpietro.

But rather than wondering which of the two -Landini and Meloni, in alphabetical order- had the most courage, inviting and accepting the meeting, it would perhaps be appropriate to ask ourselves what kind of country has become ours, or what kind of democracy have managed to achieve in Italy 75 years after the entry into force of the Republican Constitution, if courage is needed, in fact, to promote and implement events of this kind. It would be appropriate, I repeat, to ask ourselves this and to share with Bertold Brecht in the life of Galileo the very famous words "Blessed are a people who do not need heroes".

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