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The Fact of Labor breaks on Figliuolo

The Fact of Labor breaks on Figliuolo

Summary trial against General Figliuolo for the death of the vaccinated eighteen year old. The Scratches of Damato

Unlike the Azzurri, who won the football match with the Turks cleanly at the Olimpico without taking drugs, giving the Italians the "magic night" happily announced by the Press , the nostalgics of Giuseppe Conte, who have long been inconsolable for his departure from Palazzo Chigi, had to drug the news to celebrate the defeat of his successor and the general of the Alpini whom he promoted extraordinary commissioner for the fight against the pandemic by removing Domenico Arcuri.

The announcement even of the "surrender" of General Francesco Figliuolo and the … generous intimation to apologies – generous with respect to degradation, the request of which could have escaped so much anger – arise from the alleged failure of his vaccination campaign. Poor eighteen-year-old Camilla Canepa, who died after a dose of Astrazeneca, would also be the victim of whose size, speed, approximation and so on. Which belatedly has now been barred under the age of 60. But the unfortunate Camilla had undergone it – it must be said to be honest – without revealing a pathology she was aware of, being treated for low platelets.

The ease in the use of the news in order to set up summary trials, with or without the help of some magistrate who – as we know – risks little, practically nothing, to lend themselves to it with a simple notice of guarantee or with some tip-off, is unfortunately one of the evils from which communication in Italy suffers. Which is in crisis as serious as and perhaps even more than justice, and I fear it cannot be remedied even with recourse to the abrogative referendums of which Matteo Salvini has just discovered the usefulness by promoting six of them, with the help of the very experienced radicals, to protect himself from the feared failure of ongoing attempts to reform important parts of the judiciary in the most appropriate – I recognize – parliamentary seat. What are we doing? Are we repealing the newspapers even more than they do by themselves, and for some time, disappearing from newsstands? Do we repeal the information that reaches us every day, every hour, every minute without going through the newsstands? Obviously not, it cannot be done.

Therefore poor General Figliuolo is not the first or even the last victim, fortunately healthy, of this bad habit, quite widespread in the world but which in Italy we know best to live there, of doing badly his job, indifferently, as a journalist, as a magistrate or politician.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/il-fatto-di-travaglio-sbrocca-su-figliuolo/ on Sat, 12 Jun 2021 07:04:43 +0000.