TikTok will bring live shopping to the United States

TikTok will bring live shopping to the United States

TikTok will partner with TalkShopLive for live shopping in the United States, reports the Financial Times. TikTok Shop, already available in Asian markets and launched a year ago in the UK, will feature major brands and use outsourced technology

Ahead of the Christmas season, TikTok is aiming for live shopping in the United States.

According to a Financial Times report, the ByteDance-owned social short video app is expected to partner with Los Angeles-based TalkShopLive to launch its live shopping platform in North America by outsourcing its operations.

TikTok Shop is TikTok's live shopping platform. This feature is already available in Asian markets including Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. As the London financial newspaper TikTok recalls, it launched in the UK last year.

The companies are still finalizing the deals, the FT report says. The partnership comes at a time when TikTok, which counts the US as its largest market, is facing scrutiny from US lawmakers who question the Chinese-owned app's safeguards of user data. Without forgetting that in August 2020 the popular social network was in the crosshairs of the US administration of former President Donald Trump . So much so that the White House had ordered the Chinese company to divest its TikTok business in the United States in the wake of national security fears. Since then, the US administration has changed and the agreement to sell TiKTok is closed indefinitely.

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TikTok Shop allows users to purchase products via links on the app during live broadcasts. In Asia it is really popular.

TikTok Shop builds on a similar and successful feature on TikTok Douyin's sister app in China and is available in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia. Last year it launched in the UK, the only country with availability outside of Asia. However, TikTok Shop apparently didn't do as well in the UK, and for that reason, TikTok has postponed a planned launch elsewhere in Europe, Engadget points out.


And now, in view of the winter season with the peak of Christmas shopping, TikTok plans to bring its “TikTok Shop” feature to North America. The platform will launch "in the next month with major brands," according to the Ft. Additionally, the app is expected to use outsourced technology. The US company TalkShopLive will provide it for the British newspaper, which will also support live streams hosted by influencers and brands. TalkShopLive describes itself as a "social streaming, buying and selling platform" on its website . The agreements are still under discussion and "no contracts are signed", highlights the City newspaper.


At the moment TikTok has not denied or confirmed the imminent availability in the United States. “When it comes to market expansion for TikTok Shop, we are always driven by demand and are constantly exploring new and different options on how we can best serve our community, creators and merchants in markets around the world,” the company said. Chinese to the Financial Times . "These efforts include exploring partnerships that further support a seamless e-commerce experience for merchants, which is an important part of our ecosystem."


The news from the FT regarding TikTok's plans for live shopping comes just as US rival Facebook has officially closed its live shopping feature. “Starting October 1, 2022, you will no longer be able to host new or scheduled Live Shopping events on Facebook. You will still be able to use Facebook Live to broadcast live events, but you will not be able to create product playlists or tag products in your Facebook Live videos, ”announced Meta (Facebook's parent company) in a post on his blog . The social network now asks merchants to show products via Reels, Reels ads, and product tags on Instagram Reels.

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