Trump, the charges of bank fraud and political turmoil

Trump, the charges of bank fraud and political turmoil

Because Trump must not underestimate the "descent on the field" of the prosecutor Cyrus Vance jr and the accusations of bank fraud. The italics of Teo Dalavecuras

Although Corriere della Sera reported an venial oversight in reporting the news in the online edition, confusing bank fraud with tax fraud, the "descent on the field" of the prosecutor Cyrus Vance jr. announced by the New York Times against Donald Trump deserves all the evidence that the Milanese newspaper has reserved for it.

Not only because Vance belongs to a large family of the democratic establishment, and not even because it is the magistrate who opened and closed shortly ("due to insufficient clues", we would say) the case of the alleged sexual abuse of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, at the time director general of the International Monetary Fund, against a maid from the Sofitel in New York: not without first inflicting a few days of humiliating detention on him, exposing him to the public and thus extinguishing his political ambitions when he could have run as president of the French Republic; just to get an idea of ​​the modus operandi of the high magistrate and the tables at which he is sitting.

If the appointment with the prosecutor, for Trump it risks being the fatal one is, in my humble opinion, by the nature of the alleged crime, that of bank fraud: he would have substantially boasted of wealth greater than that actually possessed to obtain greater bank credit.

This imputation, if Vance jr. he will succeed in cultivating it, he risks proving to be the lethal weapon for the president that his opponents, even and perhaps above all in the republican field, will use without hesitation. Much more effective weapon than the avalanche of autobiographical books of his former collaborators and even his granddaughter, far more than the "Ukrainagate" which served above all to leave in shadow the embarrassing relationships of Hunter, son of Joe Biden , with a Ukrainian "oligarch".

That the accusation hypothesis did not go unanswered does not allow him to suspect only the fact that the refusal to present the tax returns has so far been the Republican leader's Piave line, but also a detail that concerns us Italians. Perhaps not everyone remembers it, but Carlo De Benedetti, a progressive rite billionaire very well connected to overseas, asked for a comment on Trump's election victory four years ago, with an apparently out of place and out of context answer he said, more or less: Trump will have a few hundred million dollars, but certainly not the billions he boasts.

In American culture, those who succeed in establishing themselves are forgiven many things, especially the slightly casual ways necessary to accumulate great fortunes, but I strongly doubt that among these there is the fact of having boasted an asset that you do not have: with dollars not you joke.

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