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War of feathers on magistrates and vaccines

War of feathers on magistrates and vaccines

What is being said in the newspapers about the bizarre initiative of the magistrates on vaccines. The Scratches of Damato

There is no newspaper – or almost, as we will see – that has not put on the front page the story of the union of magistrates forced, in the face of general indignation, even of some famous signatures of the judiciary such as those of Carlo Nordio and Antonio Di Pietro, to back off, or to the side, after having threatened something like a strike to claim priority in vaccinations. Which, moreover, had been requested by Alfonso Bonafede to the Civil Protection in the last days of resigning Minister of Justice, in February.

Titles and comments alternate anger, irony, sarcasm and so on: from the conviction, for example, of Vittorio Feltri, on Libero , that in the end it is better to see the magistrates strike than to work because they do not work "they don't make trouble", to the call of the son Mattia, in the press , to the famous "I know me", implying, on the language of the agitated magistrates, the rest. Which sounds very vulgarly so in strict Roman dialect: "you are not a shit". And of course I apologize to those who read me.

Among other things, we pass from the peremptory invitation of Time to the magistrates to queue up to the "judicial pandemic" of the sheet , strictly in red so that it does not escape the reader. But allow me to go back to Carlo Nordio, now retired but always in the breach to write about topics like these, to report – in addition to the "disgust" and "rebellion" felt in the face of the threat of substantial strike, equated to a "manifestation of presumption bordering on arrogance "- the" surprise for an attitude that will precipitate the credibility of the robes in general consideration, assuming that there is still space to precipitate after the revelations of Palamara ". Thanks to which we have all found confirmation, in great detail, of the traffic of influences contested as a crime to any unfortunate who has procured a job for an unemployed person with a recommendation, but practiced as a sign of autonomy and independence in the management of judicial careers.

We now come to the “almost” I mentioned at the beginning to point out that not all the newspapers have felt the gravity of this affair by bringing it to their front pages. For example, the flagship of the anti-caste, anti-privilege, anti-abuse printing fleet, etc., did not feel this gravity. Naturally, I am referring to Fatto Quotidiano , which preferred to continue to bring, or keep, as you prefer, on the front page as an obsession Matteo Renzi's travels abroad or the shots of the other Matteo, that is Salvini. Cui, in a stroke of surprising generosity, acknowledged Mario Draghi in a cartoon for having pulled his ears making them turn red, as the intrepid Giuseppe Conte did in his time, when he had him almost on top of him as vice president of the Council and Minister of the Interior.

However, with Draghi, the editor of Fact returned sharply to his editorial to warn him, naturally "for his own good", of the damage that his "language friends" cause him, who write about him so clumsily pleased that they become "his worst enemies". I fear that there is, without the knowledge of the person concerned, how it happened to Christopher Columbus to discover America looking for the Indies, the autobiographical and the repentance for the many bad services rendered to Conte by writing about it so well when he was at Palazzo Chigi, but – to tell the truth – even now that he is gone, almost regretting him in tears.

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