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Who is Natalia Bobba, new president of the National Risi Authority

Who is Natalia Bobba, new president of the National Risi Authority

All the details on Natalia Bobba, appointed president of the National Risi Authority by the Meloni government

Will the Ente Risi go sideways in Lollobrigida?, asked Start Magazine in a naughty headline. An unlikely prospect for the head of the Department of Agriculture not being able to appoint a person he likes at the top of the Risi Authority.

And so it was: the president of the Women and Rice Association , Natalia Bobba, will lead the national Risi body. Bobba was precisely the name on which Francesco Lollobrigida was aiming, while many insiders – as reported by Start Magazine – considered as the great favorite "the Pavia native Giuseppe Croce, a 63-year-old agricultural entrepreneur, former president of the Order of Doctors of Agronomists of Milan. and in all respects the true sacred monster of the sector. In the circles, Croce is considered to all intents and purposes a right-wing Christian Democrat, but without a party card."

But, as mentioned, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, given the favorable opinions of the competent parliamentary commissions, appointed "Mrs. Natalia Bobba as President of the National Rice Board ”, we read in the press release from Palazzo Chigi.

Bobba therefore managed to block Croce's path. Natalia Bobba from Vercelli, president of Donne e Riso (a women's agricultural association that espouses the mission of communicating the cultivation and culture of rice) has strong political affinities with Lollobrigida – she is registered with FdI – and enjoys the very explicit support of Confagricoltura (Bobba is vice president of Confagricoltura Donna Piemonte).


As can be read from the report of the hearing at the Industry Commission of the Senate of Natalia Bobba in the context of the proposed appointment as president of the National Risi Board, last November 15, Bobba "remembers first of all that she was born in 1961 in Inzaglio, a municipality located between the provinces of Novara and Vercelli, which represent the heart of rice cultivation.

She points out that, as she belongs to an agricultural family, she has always been active in the management of the family agricultural business which, originally also dedicated to livestock farming, subsequently opted for the sole cereal-rice cultivation direction . He declares that he holds a high school diploma, obtained at the “Galileo Ferraris” Agricultural Technical Institute in Vercelli, which is the local point of reference for preparation in agricultural subjects.

He also states that he subsequently favored direct commitment in agricultural practice over university education. In particular, she highlights the experience gained as an expert estimator of damage to agricultural production, which has offered her the opportunity to come into contact with numerous agricultural realities, even in regions other than Piedmont, as well as to refine a capacity for human knowledge, which considers it fundamental for the purposes of damage assessment and settlement activities.

Finally, he mentions the collaborations with important agricultural companies, which have had as their object both technical-commercial assistance to cereal and rice growing companies, in particular for the purposes of developing crop plans, and an activity carried out personally in the sector genetic, where rice seed crossing operations have led to the creation of new rice varieties".



This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/economia/chi-e-natalia-bobba-neo-presidente-dellente-nazionale-risi/ on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 10:00:14 +0000.