Why does Berlusconi on the Quirinale participate in the political theater he hated so much?

Why does Berlusconi on the Quirinale participate in the political theater he hated so much?

What the newspapers (even those closest to Berlusconi) tell and whisper about the Quirinale match. The Scratches of Damato

He is now a historical nemesis also for Silvio Berlusconi, not only for Beppe Grillo struggling with the magistrates of Milan who accuse him of trafficking in influences, like any vulgar bribe of thirty years ago caught more or less with hands in the sack of illegal party financing. Which was then the crime through which the prosecutors tried to reach even more serious accusations of corruption, extortion and more.

Now Berlusconi, with the hesitations on the road to renouncing the race to the Quirinale, who now take for granted the unsuspected Augusto Minzolini in the Family Journal and Alessandro Sallusti on Libero , the first ensuring that the former Prime Minister does not lose sight of "the 'interest of the country "and the second that" "he is not a kamikaze", is fueling what he once scornfully called "the political theater". In which everyone chooses the part they prefer, changing it when they don't like it or it doesn't suit them anymore.

On the front page of Corriere della Sera, Francesco Verderami, referring to what "the personalities closest" to the Cavaliere, by the same journalist who were frequented and interviewed with a certain friendly habit, attributed him as "passwords", even on this eve of surrender, the words "resist, resist, resist". Paradoxically, they are the same ones used against Berlusconi many years ago by the Attorney General of the Milan Court of Appeal and former head of the first instance Prosecutor's Office Francesco Saverio Borrelli.

But resist, in the case of Berlusconi these days or hours, as I write, against whom? Paradoxically, even against his center-right allies. Who, impatient in waiting for his resignation, meet in public and in private the most diverse exponents of the other camps and elaborate quirinal plans that now cover the entire alphabet, from A to Z, as described in the usual unmissable way Mattia Feltri on the Press .

While the activism and resignation to Mario Draghi's candidacy at the Quirinale are growing, according to the cases, as they respectively tell with their titles Il Foglio and Doman i, the center-right area newspapers or in any case sympathizers of the Cavaliere remain very meager satisfaction, in my opinion, to join the usual Marco Travaglio of the equally usual Fatto Quotidiano in the worst possible representation of the Prime Minister in office. Even though, according to the latest news collected and told by Vittorio Sgarbi, even Berlusconi would now be tempted to prefer to all other solutions, including the so-called Mattarella bis attributed to him by Sgarbi himself a few days ago when talking about it to the Press .

"Draghi prepares the great escape from the government", was the headline of Libero on a slightly dark blue background, sbertuccini in the news the talks more or less underway behind the scenes on who will replace him at Palazzo Chigi and with which new political ministers instead of at least some of the technicians appointed last year. Yet it is difficult to blame Angelo Panebianco, who in today's editorial in Corriere della Sera asked "why some hope and others (by eye, many more) that, once the President of the Republic is elected, the Draghi government will leave the place – with or without early elections – to another government this time totally controlled by the parties? ”. “Apparently – the professor insisted mercilessly – there would be nothing wrong with that: isn't that the rule in democracy?”.

In reality, we are always struggling with the political theater once complained by Berlusconi, before, clad in that strange dark coat of once Soviet nomenclature dimensions, he also participated in it for the rest, and not just for the race. Quirinale.

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