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Why don’t I criticize Pope Bergoglio about Becciu’s torpedo

Why don't I criticize Pope Bergoglio about Becciu's torpedo

Will the turbid and sick world of CEO capitalism also arrive in the sacred palaces? Considerations on the sidelines of the Becciu case. Riccardo Ruggeri's Cameo

Today I decided to take a very dangerous path, the one where the ravine is on both sides. I write, at the great request of my shareholder-readers, on the story that has become a "case" of Pope Bergoglio and Cardinal Becciu. As a Catholic when the Pope (I mean Francis) talks about issues related to faith and the Gospel I listen to him and follow him with total devotion, I am, I consider myself, a non-adult Catholic. When, as in this case, we talk about real estate and money stolen from the Pigeon, we are in the baraggia of common living, here faith has nothing to do with it, if anything it is an injured party, so we can talk about it with secular serenity. In these cases, the Vatican takes on the organizational guise of a multinational, therefore, in my operational vision of life, Pope Bergoglio is forced to be President and Chief Executive Officier (CEO). Even if you understand that he does not like it, perhaps he is not even inclined.

The most refined Vaticanists and the best secularists in the country in the comments were divided into the usual two factions: "justicialists" and "guarantors". For the former, Cardinal Becciu should not even be investigated because, according to them, one can commit crimes without being immoral and be immoral without committing crimes. According to this handicapped faction, Pope Bergoglio did well to dismiss him and "scatter" him without regular judgment. The latter, on the other hand, are astonished that Pope Bergoglio has not followed the ancient practice of the Church which has lasted for two millennia: promoveatur ut amoveatur, and only after removal, does it deepen.

In my opinion Pope Bergoglio instead behaved like an ordinary and respectable person, as he is. This model (neither silly guarantee nor bad justicialism) I chose when I was CEO. A CEO, by definition and role, can neither be an “executioner” nor a “guarantor”. It must decide in a short time and must not make use of an internal Gestapo. An example. When I was appointed CEO of a new company, the first order I gave was a strict order: any "anonymous letter" that reached any of my first level directors, or worse to me through my secretary, had to be immediately destroyed without being read (often they "recognize" each other from the outside), informing the structure that the new CEO did not tolerate them. It usually took me six months to "extinguish" these ignoble behaviors.

My collaborators knew the rules of the game that I declared in advance: I would never investigate their corporate behaviors that were possibly incorrect, but I would always decide according to my psychological convictions, since our relationships are based on trust. One case among many. One day, after very long reflections, I called a very capable high-level manager, saying that I had reached the psychological conviction (I repeated "psychological"), after several weak signals, that he was not correct in business, so I was firing him. Obviously he could resign, and then it all ended there, that is, he could drag me to court. He was the first, and the last, who chose this path. After looking for "heavenly" recommendations for me to come back to my decision, which I politely rejected to the sender, he denounced me. Months later, just the day before the court hearing, he withdrew the complaint. Years later I learned that he had gone to live in Versilia, had bought a villa and delighted in fishing, like a new Ernest Hemingway, from an 18-meter Azimut. C'est la vie.

Whoever is at the top of any human organization, if he wants to be above human weaknesses, chooses to live with a perennial lockdown, must come to terms with it, loneliness is the placenta where he will live until the end of his mandate. I wonder: will the turbid and sick world of CEO capitalism also arrive in the sacred palaces?


This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/perche-non-critico-papa-bergoglio-sul-siluramento-di-becciu/ on Sun, 04 Oct 2020 05:37:18 +0000.