Will Boris Johnson’s green revolution succeed?

Will Boris Johnson's green revolution succeed?

Boris Johnson focuses on next generation wind, hydrogen and nuclear power. The italics of Nunzio Ungiusto

What if he wants to slap Europe? A timing lesson on the green revolution before the Green Deal of that community it came from?

Boris Johnson definitely loves gambling and that also makes him likeable. The announced stop to petrol and diesel cars from 2030 seems, however, to have the flavor of a revenge. On a continent that wants to change everything from a sustainable perspective.

The UK can do it and the room for doubts – for those involved in energy – cannot be large. The British can be determined and serious about destroying even the mythical London smoke. Seriously, in the difficult moment of an epochal transition, you have to trust anyone who wants to save the planet and the environment with sensible actions. But that of the British premier has something weak.

First, because the 12 billion pounds announced as public investments are a huge figure for a country struggling with Brexit . The 100 billion pounds agreed with the EU for the farewell are all on the head of the taxpayers. Which, coincidentally, up to 2030 will see GDP fall by 3.5% and taxes increase. But perhaps the mass of private investments expected by the premier is even more surprising. They will have to raise large amounts of money to make people travel harmlessly.

The transition package is complex and full of ideas. Britain aims to move forward with only new generation wind, hydrogen and nuclear power. The shining face of Johnson's green medal are the 250,000 jobs generated by the green revolution. We have not, however, understood how many will be lost when the automotive industry is not ready with non-polluting cars. And yesterday the manufacturers gave precise signals.

From the public treasury, 1.3 billion pounds should go out for electric charging points on roads and highways, 500 million to produce electric batteries and other small resources. A 10-point plan, in short, for zero harmful emissions by 2050 with new public parks, cycle paths, domestic systems with wind energy. All in a mix of renewable energies that today for public finances, weighed down by Covid-19 , for the perplexities they feed on, can turn into a lukewarm illusion. In and out of Britain.

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