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Will Schlein cry over Cottarelli’s ciaone?

Will Schlein cry over Cottarelli's ciaone?

The expected but equally sensational abandonment of Carlo Cottarelli. Damato's Scratches

Do you remember the trolley with which the economist Carlo Cottarelli went up to the Quirinal five years ago to receive from Sergio Mattarella the office of Prime Minister after Giuseppe Conte's resignation, and before his rethinking? The professor metaphorically resumed him, always with the smile of the eternal disenchanted, to leave, in order, the Senate and the Democratic Party on whose lists he was elected on 25 September as an independent at the invitation of the then party secretary Enrico Letta. Again in the order indicated in a letter to Repubblica , he could not stand two "hardships" that made him prefer tuition, moreover free of charge, to high school students in a plan prepared by the Catholic University. Instead of continuing to teach the senators, and for a fee, with his speeches he did not want to know. And he probably won't even want it if the Senate, with appreciable humility, were to ask him by rejecting his resignation.

The almost eight months spent in Palazzo Madama and its surroundings were enough for the failed Prime Minister to realize, always in the order of discomforts he himself lists, that at least "at this moment" in parliamentary life there is "much, too much animosity ”. "Often – he explained, perhaps thinking, and not wrongly, also of the premises of the confrontation that will start tomorrow between the government and the opposition on institutional reforms – the positions are expressed by bias and the debates are just an opportunity to attack the 'opponent', telling him all the rage, and sometimes even trying to give him by overwhelming the barriers of the courtroom clerks. "Extreme debates are not in my style", wrote the too meek Cottarelli, able to smile both at the rudeness done to him five years ago by Conte when he resumed weaving a government canvas that the head of state had taken away from him, and at the irony excessive of those who still speak of him as the "Dragons of the poor".

Who knows if the new secretary Elly Schlein will also have smiled at Cottarelli's renunciation of hospitality in the Democratic Party, with her big teeth and in the dress worn with the usual armochromy consultant, or whatever the hell she calls, reading of the conviction that her arrival al Nazareno – personal esteem aside – has “moved the party further away from the liberal-democratic ideas in which I believe”. Probably someone in those parts will have already more or less irresponsibly breathed the same sigh of relief opposed to others, very recent abandonments, betting on who knows how many and which new arrivals will be able to compensate them, between polls, ballot boxes and parliamentary seats. "From those he wants to ruin, Jupiter first takes away the reason", said the Latins and we, their successors, repeat, replacing Jupiter with God.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/schlein-piangera-per-il-ciaone-di-cottarelli/ on Mon, 08 May 2023 05:56:45 +0000.