The finger…

At the beginning of this year, when I was still frequenting the social network Twitter, an exponent of an important Italian party publicly criticized me for concentrating my attention on the subject of «vaccinations». In the same message he suggested the image of a "red cloth" to perhaps signify the fury with which I would react to discussions on the subject. Since then a little more than a hundred days have passed during which, while I was silent, the secretary of the same party spoke on the same social network citing vaccines and vaccinations no less than 94 times , that is, practically every day. The same party then joined the government and obtained some dicasteries, including that of Tourism, whose owner never tires of repeating that the fate of one of the most important production sectors in our country depends on the availability of vaccines and the advancement of the vaccination plan , as never before in our centuries-old history of tourism and health. Last, but only in chronological order, a regional president of the same party predicted yesterday that vaccinations "will establish a new world order". Nothing less.

Of course, they are not isolated cases, nor are they the most extreme. It would be enough to open a random newspaper of a random day to discover how bland my presumed fixation is in the face of the pounding and daily flood of data, announcements, forecasts, comments, hagiographies and anathemas on vaccinations, almost always on the front page. And it would be enough to observe with what anger those who express a critical and argued position on the question are censured to understand how pale and faded is the red of my cloth, which has not fluttered for months now.

In fact, I am passionate about vaccinations little or not at all, no more than I am passionate about antibiotics, ACE inhibitors, computerized axial tomographies, selective radicotomies, hydroformylation of olefins, anti-seismic construction or the fission of 'atom. All important things that I don't know how to go into, nor is it up to me to do it. The first reason that three years ago prompted me to write a book on the resurgent interest of heads of state in vaccinations was instead the way in which the collective obsession we are witnessing today was nourished in the cocoon of the "technical detail", of the "necessity "Science" and "ordinary administration", thus succeeding in establishing itself without debate. Today it mortifies me to repeat what I wrote in that book and in many articles, but even more to acknowledge that the risks feared then are coming true, that it is shown how useless our complaint was. I would have liked to live well rather than be right.

Yet the clues were not lacking. What worried my co-author and me were never the medical implications of the matter, which the latter could have dealt with with abundant skills. Rather, we recorded how the new health totem catalyzed a long series of dysfunctional thoughts already present for some time in the public consciousness, and that in the armored vehicle of "public health" they found the humus to grow, leaving all too easily to predict what the method of governance would be. future, the one that would later "surprise" everyone. We watched in astonishment the bows of political representatives from all over the world, the conversions of those who had dared to object, the hoaxes propagated by the highest institutional levels, the inevitability of an untouchable, unmentionable agenda. We denounced how all this was being resolved on the one hand in "science in government", that is, in the claim to liquidate the political confrontation and to have decisions, even the most drastic and corrosive of fundamental rights, based on the unquestionable claim of a scientific fact, on the other hand in the "governance of science", that is, in the need to commission that data by crippling the results and intimidating the protagonists of the scientific community, ignoring their non-functional voices and fatally discrediting it in the eyes of many, as is unfortunately happening.

To those who reproached us for insisting on a niche, the facts answer today. Others have opposed us for years with their more or less passionate apologies for "vaccinations", their importance, their merits and their prodigies. We have tried to explain to the latter, always in vain, that precisely the hairy deification of this health resource is condemning it to the death of stone idols, having made it impossible and indeed dangerous to discuss its limits case by case to improve it, conduct independent studies, introduce cautions and recommendations to make it safer, collect different opinions to make more informed choices. That it is foolish to confidently turn to an expert who speaks with a gun aimed at his head, of which the only possible answer is already known. That our own experts are humiliating them to the rank of repeater machines, that we are giving up the heritage of their studies and their experience and are preparing to replace them with an algorithm.

To that politician who criticized me on Twitter, I replied with a small photomontage where I wrote "vaccinations" on the image of a finger and "social rights, work, democracy, science" on the image of the moon. The "work" was only a forecast, except that shortly afterwards the majority would have forced doctors and other health professionals to allow themselves to be injected with products whose safety and efficacy data on a large scale, as well as those necessary for its full authorization to commerce, are not fully known and indeed seem to become tangled up as the days go by. While until yesterday those who accepted a drug still under study received money, from today they will lose their income if they do not. Thus, d'emblée . In the meantime, the development of the "green pass" is awaited, which with all due respect to the well-intentioned will lay the foundations for unprecedented haematological discrimination.

It is really difficult, even in light of the absurd "lockdowns" and the jumble of contradictions passed off as "science" that have plagued us for months, not to conclude that we are first of all faced with a device for the discipline of the masses, of work, of individual rights and conduct, if not of thoughts, with which we are daring what was not dared even in the nineteenth century of the ironworks, not even in the many dictatorships of the past. I was therefore relieved to discover that at least one union had the courage to put aside its finger to fix its gaze on the moon of a blackmail of dubious usefulness and certain cruelty, which sows distress among workers, instigates hatred and threatens to throw in other families are destitute, while "in the interest of the patients" there is no scruple to deprive them of those who care for them, affecting a category already seriously under staff. I am encouraged that someone begins to glimpse in the blanket of the announced motives the effect of the imposed solutions, of extinguishing dissidents and possessing their subjects even inside their bodies, keeping them in check with the specter of hunger. In short, that recognizes in the "new order" the ancient dream of the tyrants of every age.

It is no longer time to hide behind the leaf of technique, which would need to be saved from those who have taken it hostage in order to shed light on a tragically ramshackle narrative and remedy its damage, where it is still possible. Until then let's not talk about the finger. It's useless. It cannot be named in vain, and that is enough for us.

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