The Pd di Letta is not enough taxes among the highest in the world and income of no-profit

Enrico Letta said something left. And someone cries out for a miracle. Who? The other Enrico red, or rather Rossi, the governor of red Tuscany. In short, the communist turning point of the new PD secretariat here it is: the ideona is a "dowry" to be left to the poorest young people at the expense of the richest. Only Marianna is missing – which in truth there would also be, that is the Madia – and Little John who humming " urca urca trallallero " and then we are at the eternal return of Robin Hood, Piddina version.

The sting, already very popular among social envious people and various saprophytes for years, is to tax the super rich, that one percent of the Italian population who can still afford to declare assets exceeding a million euros – the value of a single apartment in a non-peripheral area of ​​Rome or Milan, to understand, and not who knows what riches – with an inheritance tax thanks to which, in the coffers of the already greedy sheriff of Nottingham, aka the Italian state, it could give life to a check for 10 thousand euros to be given to those who come from families with medium / medium-low income at the age of 18. Practically the greasy tree, a boy would find himself hot hot 10 thousand euros without doing anything.

A direct and indirect taxation on income among the highest in the world is not enough, it is not enough to have given the citizenship income to people who now suck a salary of 800 euros to work part-time in order in a bar or on a construction site; it is not enough that in essence you are already rich if you simply own a couple of houses that you may have bought, after having studied and worked and made generational sacrifices you, your father and your grandfather. No, it is not enough, it is never enough.

“Hello, Letta is right to ask for a small progressive asset for inheritances over one million euros to give a dowry to young people who need it. It's a leftist thing. Letta is right not to give up I'm with him ”, this is the message given by Enrico Rossi to Facebook . Good morning a cabbage, distinguished.

Once upon a time in Italy there was democracy, and usually democracy made the numbers come out of the polls speak, but they no longer send us to the polls and therefore also the secretary of a pulped party, with an increasingly dubious representation of the popular will, he can go to the Prime Minister to discuss spending proposals and commitments, skipping not only electoral but also parliamentary consultations, begging for availability of some kind. Which, fortunately, did not come from Mario Draghi. But it hasn't arrived at this round, what do we do next? How many times will the Sheriff State have to put its hands in its citizens' pockets when, moreover, it is discovered, for example, that in the Gioia Tauro tent city 177 irregular immigrants received citizenship income to the detriment of the treasury, that is of all of us, for 140 thousand and passes euro?

Criminal income earners were not enough, pensions paid for years to foreign citizens who have never worked a day in Italy but have only "reunited" and perhaps with fictitious residence have put those money back into the economic circuit of the their country and not ours; an entire island invaded as if there were no borders is not enough. It's not enough… as long as people pay their taxes.

How many restaurateurs and hoteliers, merchants, small entrepreneurs, among those who, due to the poor management of the Covid emergency, have not gone bankrupt or in debt up to their necks, and have not ended up in the hands of loan sharks , will still want to pay taxes? How many millions of very small VAT numbers already very tried in staying afloat and reduced by the zero-income pandemic, and even today without any help, will still want to be respectful of illogical and patronage rules, conceived in a distorted and incomprehensible way only in favor of some groups, that is, those that do not produce any wealth but passively exploit that of others?

All this reminds me of a comment I read years ago on social media which was entitled: "To prevent a child from becoming a communist". And he read: “To prevent your son from becoming a communist, have him clean his house and give him a 100 euro bonus, then take him 70 euro away by saying that he is too rich and share the sum with five other brothers who have not done a shit. Repeat the operation until you understand ”. Here, when these great philanthropists have finished destroying the Italian economy there will be no more rich people to steal from to give to the poor but only deep red.

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