The two Leagues: how will the (increasingly obvious) clash between LegaEuro and LegaSalvini end?

When the government was born, we wrote in Atlantico that Draghi had "graciously obtained three stools for the LegaEuro ", intended for "new ministers chosen as Letta chose Alfano: to prevent them from leaving the executive in case the right decides to withdraw the 'support for the government ”and we added:“ as Draghi comes forward… Salvini will find the opportunity to move away from it, leaving the LegaEuro to end the party of Alfano and the three ministers that of Angiolino. Failing that, Salvini's League will end up like the grillini ”.


Of course, we were told that "there is only one League". But the facts are stubborn. To begin with, Salvini now negotiates directly with Draghi (and several times a week, he says): which means that Draghi deals, at the same time, with the two Leagues as separate bodies.

So far, the two leagues have openly clashed on the Green Pass . Here, the LegaEuro is anything but dumb , on the contrary: to Salvini who scanned "there is no extension of the Green Pass to all public and private workers", Giorgetti went directly into the shins with a resounding "that of extending the Green Pass to all workers it is a hypothesis under discussion… I think we will go towards an extension ”… that is, the exact opposite of your federal secretary. He also added that divisions "are useless" … he commands so much.

Even before that, to a Salvini who in July proclaimed “vaccine, tampon or Green Pass to enter bars and restaurants? we're not kidding, ”a robust counter-battery fire responded. In which not only the three LegaEuro ministers ( Giorgetti , Garavaglia , Stefani ) stood out , but also the Northern League governors ( Zaia , Fedriga , Fontana ). Lastly, some of them would also have shown the journalists of the Fatto Quotidiano the chat with which they discuss and coordinate the attacks. Of the observers, most attribute this alignment to the executive responsibilities of all of these subjects. But, in our opinion, the Green Pass is only an opportunity for the two Leagues to practice fighting without risking getting hurt immediately. The parent company Molinari explained this: “the League has no intention of putting its presence in the government at risk on the issue of the Green Pass ”.

Unlike the case of a truly crucial issue for the League: migration. Here there is no one who does not see the secretary attack the interior minister and the chief minister of delegation remain silent : let Draghi speak, who does not consider the issue worthy of note ("this year's numbers are not frightening, we had much worse years than this. So I believe that Minister Lamorgese does her duty and does it well "). What Salvini cannot accept, in fact, he continually raises his accusations to the minister.

Equally silent, the LegaEuro is found on the other battleground : Europe. First the Charter of Values of the European right, which Giorgetti denies even knowing. Then the Durigon case, the man with an altitude of 100 expelled from the government after Giorgetti attacked him . Finally, the maritime state-owned concessions in the crosshairs of the Bolkestein directive , with the tourism minister Garavaglia who first ensures ("we already agree, we will take a tour of Europe to end it once and for all"), then pretends to fall from clouds . Marking a profound distance from Salvini, who promises fire and flames in defense of both 100 ("we will make peaceful barricades in Parliament and outside"), and concessions ("the League will oppose, wherever and however"). This while Draghi makes it known that he wants to strike both within a few weeks, because the Finance Law and the payment of the next tranche of the legendary Recovery Fund depend on them.

Finally, the LegaEuro remained silent every time that Draghi publicly attacked "Senator Salvini", as he calls him. For example, when he gave him the murderer ("the appeal not to get vaccinated is an appeal to die"), mocking his irrelevance ("political clarification is done by the political forces … the government goes on") and enjoining him " greater discipline ". Stuff that any minister of any government in republican history would have resigned seven times … but Giorgetti nothing, shut up.

It is now evident even to the blind: there is not only one League, there are two.


Furthermore, it must be said that this is not a new clash, but the manifestation of a clash that pre-existed. Giorgetti who today declares: "when we entered the government we knew we were taking on a weight, a responsibility … maybe there is someone who is not happy, but it is part of the rules of the game" … is the same one who had described this weight and responsibility in an interview in February 2020. On migration “Europe is beginning to accept the idea that Italy cannot be left alone” and (even) “Lamorgese can go and negotiate in Europe”. On the Euro, “we do not want to go out… I am the head of the Lega's foreign affairs. And if I say we don't go out, we don't go out. Point". On Europe, “we must be drinkable when the time comes. This is why I want Europe to know us for what we are… a government party for twenty years ”, leaning on Mario Draghi (“ around the world he could speak to any interlocutor at his same level ”). As for the electoral consensus, he took it for granted: “we have it in abundance”.

He had not talked about quota 100 and concessions , but it was implied that what Europe does not like does not like him either: like the Lira and the fight against illegal migration. He had not talked about Covid , only because the pandemic had not yet broken out. If it had been, surely he would have added that the lockdown (simple or disguised in the form of a Green Pass ) is also part of the rules of the game .

This August he returned to the subject, making it known that having so many votes without the consent of the German CDU would be useless. How useless would be the many votes that Meloni could receive. And that, once obtained, the problem of migrants would also be solved.

There is not only one Lega, there are two. And for a long time.


The clash could become very noisy after the next local elections. The apparent theme of the dispute will be deciding who will have the un-won: Giorgetti 's ruling party ? or Salvini's party of struggle and government ? The real issue will be deciding who will compile the electoral lists: Giorgetti wants the heads of sovereigns and southerners because, without the latter, Salvini would become an unarmed image man , who can be fired at will. The coup cannot be done overnight, however, and the risk is that Salvini will resist until the election of a new President of the Republic who immediately dissolves the Chambers: in this case, the lists would be drawn up by Salvini. Unless Draghi himself goes to the Quirinale, who will have offered the LegaEuro all the necessary guarantees that he wants to bring the legislature to its natural end.

Salvini, the favorite victim of both Draghi and Giorgetti, would be foolish to fall for it. And he could react by pretending to support candidate Draghi as Renzi pretended to support candidate Prodi: by burning him. In this case, Draghi could not help but resign and the new President of the Republic would call new elections.

Otherwise, if he were forced to act in advance, Salvini could go through a restoration of the normal chain of command, for which the party gives instructions to its ministers, not the other way around. Since the LegaEuro controls up to one third of the parliamentary groups, the occasion must be chosen carefully: we would say a vote on Minister Lamorgese, less likely on the New Mes Treaty , or who knows… leaving the three ministers to end up like Angiolino. Already today, an authoritative leader of the LegaSalvini writes of "a revolt of those who were at 4% against what is at 20%" (albeit to deny it) … where the accent must be placed on the term revolt : the revolt of the delegation ministerial against the party that designated it.


Giorgetti's new friends fill him with promises. Thus Lilli Gruber : “the most qualified ruling class of the League has unequivocally traced the route in favor of Green Pass , support for Draghi, euro and Europeanism; now it is up to Salvini to choose ”. Spoken by the high priestess of the faith in Europe . € uro which, Antonio Polito reassures, has changed with Covid . While Venanzio Postiglione points out to the faithful "a recovery just around the corner, a European landing in spirit and accounts".

To us, who do not adore the Golden Calf, curiosity remains. It will be curious to see the LegaEuro rebel in the name of Minister Lamorgese, of European federalism, of the return to the Fornero Law, of the Bolkestein directive . More curious when the vaccination campaign will have turned into a chase at ever new doses and the Green Pass into a permanent limitation of constitutional rights. All the more curious when Brussels will no longer talk about an impossible reform of the Stability Pact , but about the harmful effects of its environmental policy on household bills . Even more curious when the ECB will have reduced its BTP purchases and Draghi's bluff will have begun to turn into a Montian nightmare. In short, it is certainly no coincidence that Draghi is so desperately trying to place himself at the Quirinale: he knows he is going up against an iceberg … but no one has warned Giorgetti.

On the contrary, LegaSalvini would just have to call out and wait for the relics of the last possible reincarnation of € urism in Italy to pass. And we emphasize last .

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