2020 ELECTIONS: THE TIME OF THE END OF THE GAMES IS NEARING Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court

The end of the game is nearing Pennsylvania, at least at the state level. The deadline for counties to certify the elections was Monday, after which Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar will be able to certify the entire state, according to Bloomberg .

In extremis, a federal judge is trying to block the certification with a new appeal, postponing its certification, but the views are not homogeneous even in the republican field. Even Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who will retire from politics in 2022, has called on Trump to accept the election results, which have Biden ahead by more than 81,000 votes in the state.

"President Trump has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the outcome of the presidential race in Pennsylvania," Toomey said in a statement on Saturday following Judge Matthew Brann's decision to dismiss the Trump campaign lawsuit.

Republican Chris Christie, who coached Trump for his "Shout Against Biden" performance in the first debate, also called on Trump to concede victory, or present evidence. . "If you have evidence of the fraud, present it," Christie told ABC on Sunday. "Frankly, the conduct of the president's legal team has been an embarrassment to the nation."

But last night's filing of the new appeal comes to revise the whole situation a bit, albeit in a predictable way, with Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani who declared on Saturday: Judge Brann in deciding our appeal one way or another as quickly as possible, "adding" This is another case that appears to be moving quickly to the US Supreme Court. "

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