AIFA: the report of the scandal does not exist! 10,000 free lifesaving doses rejected without a word

The incredible AIFA scandal continues, now under investigation by the Court of Auditors for not accepting 10 thousand doses of FREE Eli Lily monoclonal antibodies in October. "Unweighted public choice," says the accounting court.

The choice in question, that of rejecting a drug that could have saved thousands of lives and which in any case was then accepted, and paid for, in March 2021, was made on October 29, 2020, and the Court of Auditors asks for the report of that meeting. Twist of the scene! THE REPORT DOES NOT EXIST! There is, no one holds it, no one answers.

A very important public body because it makes decisions that directly affect the health of citizens makes decisions without keeping any minutes of meetings, in defiance of any form of regularity. What will the director Nicola Magrini, appointed in that position by the Conte due government (PD + M5S) say? Who knows, perhaps the same as Arcuri says for the school benches on wheels that catch fire (about 100 thousand desks to be destroyed) or for the millions of non-compliant masks.

Of course, apart from the accounting judiciary, no one investigates, no one looks at the set of interests between pharmaceutical companies and AIFA. Eli Lily, who wanted to donate these essential drugs, was simply told that "They didn't care." Meanwhile, people have died. But in Italy the problem is fascism, remember this well! Not the untouchable executives who do whatever they want on people's skin.

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