Diesel: danger of stopping even in Italy for cars with AD Blue. Cause, the energy crisis ..

The energy crisis linked to natural gas risks leaving the owners of the latest generation low-polluting diesels on their feet, who use the exhaust gas cleaning system with AD-Blue.

AD Blue is a chemical additive that allows the reduction of nitrogen oxides, a known problem of diesel engines. The main component of the AD Blue additive is urea, the production of which requires the use of ammonia. The problem is that ammonia is essentially produced from natural gas, the very high prices of which have led directly to the closure of several plants in Austria and the United Kingdom and to the reduction of production in the largest German chemical plant. At this point, the largest Italian producer of Ad Blue, Yara SRL, has no choice but to stop production for four weeks, due to the simple lack of raw material, also because now the company is already producing at a loss.

Beware that it is not just a matter of leaving home the new BMW or Mercedes that use this additive, without which the engine is blocked by the car's electronic system, but also of the most modern heavy vehicles and buses, those Euro V and VI ( equivalent to Euro 5 and 6 for cars). All this at a time when logistics is already on the razor's edge and risks being further thrown into crisis by the protests related to the Green Pass. A big problem that cannot be solved with the announcement of the proclamations, but with concrete and monetary help for this company. Otherwise the "clean Diesel" will become very clean, indeed it will practically stop.

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