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According to numerous converging sources, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri died last week in Ghazni in Afghanistan of natural causes.  Complications related to asthma that he had been suffering from for a long time and for which pathology he had no access to specific treatments,  would have led the 69-year-old Egyptian doctor to a slow and inexorable fate.

Al Zawahiri was known as the leader of al Qaeda after the deaths of Oussama bin Laden and his son Hamza, both of whom were neutralized by targeted raids by US special forces. Since 2001 he was number two – behind only Bin Laden – on the list of the 22 "most wanted terrorists" by the US government and still hangs on his head a bounty of 25 million dollars. 

So in the end, despite the efforts of the US, Al Zawahiri, the doctor, indeed a professor of medicine, would manage to die in his own bed, despite the price that the US had placed on his head. So now who has taken his place at the helm of Al Qaeda?

The most immediate successor, Hamza Bin Laden, died with his father. On 7 August, the Israelis then eliminated Bin Laden's other possible successor, Abu Muhammad al Masr, opening a power vacuum. According to, the new boss would be the 58 year old Saif al Adel , a former colonel in the Egyptian army, explosives expert and former member of al-Qaeda's Majlis al shura (the governing council) and its military committee. Very close to al Zawahiri, with whom he had lived the era of the establishment of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad . Furthermore, he is said to have been among those responsible for the attack on the American embassy in Nairobi in 2001. In 2003 he was also in Somalia and is suspected of having had a role in training the guerrillas who attacked the Check Point Pasta held by the Italians. As tensions escalate, this person must be kept in sight.

How long will this well guy last?

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