Arcuri kicked out on Sunday by the Civil Defense. Well, now it’s up to Invitalia

Finally Draghi has decided and gives the welcome to Arcuri as Extraordinary Commissioner for Civil Protection. According to Dagospia, the decision seems to have been taken and communicated on Sunday, in a dry and abrupt way, as is done with a maid who is no longer trusted and appreciated. After all, the various scandals and failures, from masks, to school desks, to primroses, weighed too much and, frankly, we hope that he will take away some of his entourage.

In his place the General of the Army Corps Paolo Sonulo, a soldier with a very long career in not simple war theaters such as Afghanistan and Kosovo, multi-graduated, expert in logistics and international relations. So the right person, at least in the titles, to manage the vaccination emergency that requires logistical skills and a bit of good diplomacy to help the government find what is needed. moreover the provenance guarantees the seriousness and the absence of "Friends", such as those later disowned by Arcuri (any mention of Benotti is purely coincidental).

Now, however, the renewal should be complete and also involve Invitalia, whose management was not completely transparent, as demonstrated by the investigations of the Court of Auditors for the excessive salaries of managers , or the flop of loans for the conversion of companies to the production of masks, when Arcuri himself went to buy them in China.

In short, we do not leave the work halfway, but we try to get to the bottom for once. There is too much to change in Italy, and even if you hear a little swish of sabers it may not be a bad thing. Then we will ask Gomez why, from Giletti, he spent so much in the defense of Arcuri….

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