Armenia could activate its mutual defense pact with Russia, which also runs the huge Gyumri base in the north-western part of the country, thus involving the cluttered neighbor in the growing conflict with Azerbaijan. Armenian ambassador to Moscow, Vardan Toganyan, said that the war situation has not yet reached this point, but the option remains on the table in the event of a worsening of the balance between the parties.

Meanwhile, new films emerge that show fighting with drones, fighters, heavy artillery and katiuscia batteries (MLRS)

At least 31 soldiers died on the Armenian side. According to a statement published by TASS on the talks with the Armenian ambassador “ Yerevan and Moscow continue to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense. “We believe that, in case of need, we will ask Russia for further military assistance,” the envoy underlined. "To date, we do not think we need additional troops or other forces," he added. " However, we believe that Russia has an important role in the Caucasus and is able to use political methods to end the bloodshed ", underlined Ambassador Toganyan.

Armenia speaks of Ankara's direct commitment alongside Baku, with the dispatch of 4000 fighters directly from the Syrian front, always equipped with guerrillas ready to take up a Kalashnikov, while it seems that the Azeris are abundantly using drones to hit the armored vehicles Armenians, as seen from this video:

The confused Armenian politics is back on the old path

Why this conflict now? The political crisis of 2018 in Armenia led to a seizure of power in the country by pro-Western forces led by the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, which however did not lead to a strengthening of Armenian positions on the ground. The double standard policy of the Armenian government, which de facto supported anti-Russian actions but maintained pro-Russian public rhetoric, also played its role in the crisis, making Yerevan's position appear confused and fragile. For years, Russia was the sole guarantor of the Armenian state and the only force capable of saving it in the event of a large-scale Azerbaijani-Turkish attack, but the latest leadership undermined this collaboration, only to be forced to a quick reverse in time of need.

At the same time, the political and economic situation in Azerbaijan was more stable. Baku was also able to secure good working relations with Russia. Together with the development of the strategic partnership with Turkey, a natural historical ally of the country, and the strengthening of Turkish positions in the Greater Middle East, all this has given Baku the impression that it is ready to end the thirty-year confrontation on the battlefield.
With this we are at the third front in which Turkey and Russia confront each other at gunpoint. Except that this really risks getting out of hand and creating a large-scale conflict. Fortunately, in this phase Trump really tries to make peace and invites the two sides to reduce the clashes and to sit down at the negotiating table. All we need is a direct American intervention !!

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