Bagnai: the PNRR, the instrument of European technocracy

Speech by Claudio Borghi in a conference in the Senate on PNRR, to be understood as a tool of European technocracy to be able to change the behavior and policies of individual states. As we know the magnificent PNRR, for which we received a deposit that is only a fraction of what we should actually receive, is conditional on 42 reforms, including two extremely heavy ones, including that of justice and therefore that of taxation. On this last point, the Union would like to review it on a patrimonial basis. It implies the forced solution of significant problems, stratified over time and complex, with the edge of the sword. Europe wants to reform us, but it has no desire to reform itself: no reform, for example, of budgetary constraints, of the structures of the EU in a democratic sense. Only taxes for Italy.

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