The turning point (by Marco Santero)

Unvaccinated workers must legally require that vaccinated workers be required by their employer to present a negative swab like them.

Forcing unvaccinated workers to take an invasive swab every 2 days while vaccinated colleagues with NAZI PASS can do whatever they like while being contagious (it doesn't matter if more or less than others, HOWEVER THEY CAN BE CONTAGIOUS) IS A POWERFUL CRIMINAL OFFENSE!

INAIL has inserted Covid as a biological agent, so the employer who does not require a tampon from the vaccinated is civilly and criminally liable in case of infections in the workplace!

This is the TURN because it is absolutely impossible to swab all Italian workers and students every 2 days, the only alternative could be quick salivary swabs, now excluded, because they are too easy to do and inexpensive, by the criminal association that governs us. (evident according to what Bolgan explains), free for all and lasting 3 or 4 days, combined with serious early home care based on the characteristics of the individual subject.

All this would completely eliminate the criminal delirium in which we have been living for almost 2 years (in Italy in particular)! And it would put an end to the SOCIAL HATRED that this government is fomenting, in a conscious and malicious way, as in Hitler's Germany against the Jews!

Also because the real science based on serious and revised studies is finally coming:

Thousands of scientific studies published and revised for at least a year now, unequivocally explain what Dr. Bolgan says in the splendid video:

With incredible calmness, he explains in a devastating way (for any vaccinated deceived by the big media box) that Covid vaccines, or rather experimental gene therapies, COVID are absolutely useless to prevent the disease and on the contrary aggravate it for the vaccinated and for the whole community. because they promote dangerous variants!

Not to mention the medium and long-term toxic and mutagenic effects that are unknown but highly probable based on the studies that Bolgan cites in great detail.

Spread the video everywhere and in particular send it to the vaccinated you know and who have been deceived and betrayed by those who had to guarantee their health! and he is made to believe that the "infectors" are the unvaccinated, while on the contrary it is the vaccinated who are dangerous for themselves and others! In addition to the various thrombotic, inflammatory, mutagenic, autoimmune diseases, etc. to which the vaccinated will be subject!

This stellar video must reach 60,000,000 views, because all Italians must have the TRUE AND CORRECT information on the criminal delusion we are experiencing.

At that point there will be a popular reaction: already on 25 September in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome there will be a mega demonstration against institutionalized criminal lies:

It should be noted that no existing party in parliament has ever organized anything similar on the covid issue and above all on the green pass? We will remember it when we go to vote dear servants of the "strong powers"!

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