Borghi: “Ceccardi still made a miracle”

However, Ceccardi made a miracle, word of Claudio Borghi. Claudio was a candidate of the League in 2014, in a completely different situation, where the League was almost a movement of Carbonari. The meetings did not take place in the square, but in the bars, and involved only a small number of people, almost conspirators.

However, together with FdI Borghi it reached 20% and became the representative of the major opposition force. A very different experience from that of Susanna Ceccardi, who already started with the support of a strong party and who easily filled the squares. This is already a miracle, an enormous achievement. Then if the PD begins to be afraid of losing, this is already a huge victory, unthinkable until a few years ago.

So Borghi, who knows Susanna Ceccardi well, retraces her political steps up to now, the day when the presidency of the Tuscany Region is played equally. Whatever happens, he won.

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