Comparison: “Six prosecutors are investigating the competition won by Azzolina”. Minister, do not play the bull and tell us your results

The competition won by Minister Azzolina, who made her a school manager, is currently subject to nine appeals to the TAR because marked by very large irregularities. however these applicants, and probably many others entitled, have difficulty in stating their reasons because Azzolina has made the results of the competition secret, which cannot be consulted. All in the face of the famous transparency of the Five Stars. But in the meantime, six prosecutors are already investigating this competition for its irregularities, but you won't read this on Repubblica or Il Corriere….

Fioramonti, predecessor of the Azzolina, made the tests of the competitions for the school transparent. Azzolina is opposed, because she took part in the competition. How much did the IT minister take? how much in foreign languages? isn't he afraid to show the true assessments of his evidence? Paragone knows his results, why doesn't he make them public? make your data public, otherwise Paragone will ask a question….

Here is the intervention of Paragone

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