Crash in Germany: consensus for the “Semaphore” coalition collapses. Dear Letta, you made a mistake …

It seems that the collected coalitions are not doing well. In Germany, according to a DeMap poll, support for the parties currently in government collapses in the famous "traffic light" coalition, made up of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals. The latter especially see their electorate dissatisfied,

the blue line indicates the satisfied, the black one the dissatisfied

Only 24% of FDP voters are satisfied with their ruling party, while 70% are dissatisfied. The strong growth trend for the dissatisfied is particularly worrying.

Only the Greens manage to keep a certain balance between satisfied and dissatisfied, with 43% satisfied and 55% dissatisfied, while the SPD collapses with only 34% satisfied compared to 64% dissatisfied follows the trend of the liberals more slowly .

This also has repercussions from an electoral point of view: according to the same poll, the votes are as follows.

  • First party the CDU with 28%
  • Greens down to 23%
  • SPD plummets to 17%
  • AfD grows to 13%
  • FDP falls to 7%
  • Linke stays out of parliament at 4%.

So staying in government just to oust the CDU brings a lot of harm to the parties that are part of it, especially the minority partner FDP, whose leader is also collapsing in personal approval.

The German attitude towards the conflict in Ukraine also changes: 32 per cent of respondents now say that support by sending weapons to the country attacked by Russia is excessive (+9 points), while for 23 per cent one hundred is not enough (-6%); In other words, the group of skeptics is now significantly larger than the group of people who would like Ukraine to have more weapons. Two months ago it was the other way around.

So the majority that Letta is trying to force, in the form of a coalition, in Italy is falling apart in Germany, from the point of view of electoral consensus. Voters feel betrayed by politicians who, in order to establish a government, have accepted an incoherent alliance with the party itself. A sensational mistake that Letta is repeating here with us.

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