Curfew in California? Citizens do not care, indeed take to the streets

In Huntington Beach, Southern California, protesters took to the streets on Saturday night, minutes after the new California curfew went into effect, to demonstrate against Governor Gavin Newsom's latest curfew. The state government has imposed a ban on social gatherings from 10pm to 5am, as well as shutting down all unnecessary activities. This order was imposed on 41 of California's 58 counties to limit the spread of Covid.

The rule, which would also ban family gatherings beyond a certain number "Ruining" Thanksgiving Day, have actually been beautifully ignored and mocked, as you can see from these images that come from Huntington Beach, one of the most famous locations in the

Here is another video

Someone took 10pm (10pm) as the time to start celebrating.

most of the sheriffs, and many police departments, have refused to enforce the curfew at the home level, that is, to control how many people will be at the Thanksgiving meetings.

In the end, the Democrats really broke the boxes at all.

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