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Dear school, Italian families will spend up to 1,200 euros per child

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The school has officially reopened its doors and this, for families, does not only mean having to deal with the resumption of autumn rhythms: it also means having to face an expense which, between diaries and pencil cases, dictionaries and books, backpacks, courses and babysitters, can can even cost 1,200 euros per child.

This is supported by Assoutenti who, in recent days, has released the first estimates on the cost of schooling, establishing that the 2023/24 school year will cost between 8% and 10% more per student.

Which products and services will cost the most

Suffering one of the most substantial increases are all stationery products , which will experience an average increase of 9.2% on an annual basis due to the increases in raw materials and production costs.

Then there are extracurricular courses : we know that families today are looking for sports opportunities for their children and among these there are some really expensive ones, such as ice skating or tennis. If you then want to implement the languages, you need to add this item.

For the little ones, a significant item is certainly the expense of a babysitter to look after the children during work and after school. At 8/10 euros an hour, the calculation is easy to make.

Textbooks, an increasingly substantial expense

For textbooks the cost is variable and depends on the level of education. Again according to Assoutenti's estimates, in fact, it goes from 300 euros per student in the sixth grade to 600 euros in high school. For some classes, however, forecasts raise the cost to over 700 euros, for a business that throughout Italy exceeds one billion euros per year, with an increase in the order of almost 10% compared to last year and an average expense for books it will increase by 45 euros per student.

How to save on student costs

But faced with this scenario, what can be done to avoid a drain on parents' pockets ?

A first step is, of course, to take a look online , where not only are you often able to find interesting offers, but also some portals that offer specific services at very competitive conditions: think of the marketplaces that sell textbooks.

For Assoutenti , however, government intervention is also necessary , which can act together with the operators of large-scale organized distribution, retail trade and producers of school kits that can be sold at reduced prices, while at the same time adopting measures on book price lists. of text, which increase year after year.

Further control is also required on the spending ceiling : for Assoutenti it is unacceptable for schools to punctually exceed the caps set by the ministry precisely to avoid the spread of real drains on the pockets of Italian families, already struggling with an increasingly stringent cost of living due to the long-running inflation in our country.

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