Finally, the 110% deduction is simplified. Less chaos, more money …

The new government has seen the bureaucratic chaos associated with using the 110% deduction for renovations and tries to patch it up. Here are some steps forward that will soon be discussed:

  • Technicians will no longer have to certify the legitimate ownership of the property, i.e. not only ownership, but also changes in ownership, concessions, etc.
  • It will be sufficient that they come to certify that there are no building abuses and that the property complies with what is present in the land registry.

This is a substantial change that greatly simplifies the activities of the technicians, who would otherwise have had to reconstruct complex changes of ownership and enrich binders already very rich in documents with paper. From what transpires, the changes should be contained in the “Support Decree”, which goes to the Council of Ministers already this week and which, once signed, will have an immediate effect, lightening the bureaucratic burden of those who want to take advantage of this important help. These are changes to art. 119 of the legislative decree 34/2020 which, by introducing the certificate of legitimate status, considerably simplify the load and the activity by the technicians. Also, just in case.

There are also new developments that should also invest, in a positive way, properties with multiple owners and common parts. In this case, the presence of a unit that is not in compliance with urban planning regulations will not prevent interventions on the common parts, but will simply affect the deductibility for the unit that is not regular from an urbanistic point of view.

The 110% concessions for building renovations can be the driving force for the economic recovery of a sector, such as construction, which has been hit very hard by the economic crisis linked to Covid-19.

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The article finally simplifies the deduction of 110%. Less chaos, more money… comes from .

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