Giulio Tarro: «They gave random numbers». Where are Ricciardi’s 150,000 in intensive care?

Giulio Tarro introduces the true numbers of Covid-19, and of the dead and the numbers are much lower. Already in March, the first true data on 900 deaths "with Covid" examined by the ISS showed that the dead were few compared to the total. But even more ridiculous was the situation in June in which Ricciardi spoke of 150,000 people in intensive care for the celebrations for Napoli's victory over Juventus, but in reality not only was there not a person hospitalized, but they are not infected. The problems, if anything, derive from the cases of returning from countries that had the epidemic in full development, such as Serbia or Bagna Desh.

A bath of numbers against the fear and terror dictated by the media, often with random numbers.

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