“Iran has arrived”. According to Washington, it will have enough fissile material for a bomb by the end of the year

Shortly after unilaterally re-imposing economic and trade sanctions on Iran, the US announces that, according to their sources, Tehran will have accumulated enough fissile material to build a nuclear bomb by the end of the year.

Could this be the "October Surprise" that is so much talked about in the USA? That is, a preemptive attack on Iran, motivated by the risk of weapons of mass destruction, as Bush did in 2003? In reality, Iran has been considering the imminent production of a nuclear weapon for at least 20 years, and, for now, one has not been seen …

so we have three possibilities:

  • Pompeo announced the return of sanctions because he had confidential news on fissile material produced in violation of the JCPOA, the peace course defined in the Obama era;
  • Pompeo is only justifying a decision already made by the Trump administration;
  • someone is preparing a military escalation against Iran.

In the event of an attack, Iran obviously promises an overwhelming response. However, there are strong signs that indicate a certain probability of the last option, or at least of a military attack, perhaps targeted, against Tehran. The peace between the United Arab Emirates, Barhain and Israel is falling just like a bean to allow direct involvement of Washington's major ally in the Middle East. then there was the resumption of close military relations with Qatar. Arabia also needs something to move the swamp of the war situation with Yemen, aided by Iran. Maybe nothing will happen, because times are very short, but better be ready, it seems.

Let's hope Trump's October surprise isn't military …

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