HOW TO KILL THE BUILDING “WAITING FOR GODOT”. Waiting for the 110% decrees freezes a key sector

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The only real intervention offered by the state, even if everything to be seen in practice, is 100% for real estate renovations which, among other things, would be the only real existing measures with the papers in order, one day, in the distant future, perhaps, to be financed with the mysterious money of the "Recovery fund".

The measure has already attracted a lot of interest also in the credit sector: several banks have organized themselves to be able to offer the discount on tax credits sold to companies, even if the rate is not particularly attractive considering that these are government bonds. At the same time, a couple of online platforms for the exchange of credits are even being organized and professionals are working hard to study the legislation and offer solutions.

Too bad that, as Italy Today points out, all this movement is rather useless, indeed harmful, because in practice everything is frozen pending two implementing decrees that should have been issued at the end of August, but which still have to be published in the Official Gazette. moreover, the Government has announced that it wants to make some changes, the ENEA portal to which the files can be sent is missing and the Revenue Agency will certainly lose months to cancel any inconsistencies and errors that are reported in the complex legislation. The extended deadline to 31 December 2021 therefore still seems too close to be able to hope to open an adequate number of construction sites.

In the end, the whole construction sector froze in a sort of absurd and senseless "Waiting for Godot", that is "Waiting for the MISE", so the paradoxical result of the measure is that the works, instead of being relaunched, were practically stopped in waiting for a boom that does not come and perhaps never will. this is the effect of a management of the state made by people who, unfortunately, have never had to build even a shed for children and who therefore see everything as the pure expression of their desire for bureaucratic control. Meanwhile, construction, and Italy, are sinking.

PS once it would have been the deputies interested in moving the MISE to speed up the practices, but you have elected a lot of enemies of the economy and then you have also cut them …

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