Interview with Luca Speciani on “infections” and rights: the measure is full

by Francesco Cappello

AMPAS letter of 30 August

Open letter dated 30/08 on "infections" and rights: the measure is full As doctors (935) and as psychologists adhering to AMPAS we feel the urgent need to express our opinion and to awaken consciences to greater awareness of the risks to which we are exposing our lives.We are facing yet another attempt by governments (in Italy as in the rest of the world) to artificially prolong the state of alarm towards an epidemic that is now causing a ridiculous number of deaths and that for months in Italy it leaves ICUs empty. It is extremely misleading to confuse asymptomatic, swab positive, healthy people with the "infected" (who by definition must be sick). If the asymptomatic is considered a source of contagion, this means that schools, companies and other aggregation centers will all be closed and quarantined, since the swabs carried out on healthy people often give false positives, providing a false image of the spread of the pathology, when the only thing that is spreading is antibody resistance to the disease itself.It is of great importance to immediately subvert this lie, which risks leading us to new (perhaps initially partial) lockdowns for a disease that is now better known an effective therapeutic approach, whose daily deaths are 100 to 500 times lower than those due to cardiovascular problems (approximately 600 deaths / day) and those due to tumors (approximately 500 deaths / day). Cardiovascular and cancer pathologies that could be easily prevented with systematic lifestyle interventions (physical movement, sugar elimination, weight control, pesticide-free foods, pollution reduction, stop smoking) Who wants to impose further lockdowns (perhaps patchy ) without reason will generate the failure of all the companies that survived with difficulty the first, already very hard, that we had to endure in Italy. Know who will agree to be tracked, identified, tested that it can happen to him too. The question to ask is: why? What motivations lead someone to send the country into ruin without any plausible reason? We hope that politicians, journalists and doctors who support the nefarious government choices will be able to give us an explanation. With this letter, we only want the truth of the facts to be returned to us: that asymptomatic people are not subjected to useless tampons and that the constitutional rights we have hardly won (right to work, education, free movement, free choice of care, privacy) are no longer stolen from us, now and forever.If we do not actively defend our rights, with the excuse of false "outbreaks of infected people", at the first cough or at the first lines of school fever, companies, communities will be closed, and our life will never be able to go back to the way it was before (…).

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