Iran burns with protests against the religious police. Economic and social revolts come together in an explosive mix

The riots are now shaking many cities in Iran, worrying the government. Mahsa Amini, 22, died last week after being arrested by the moral police for not wearing the hijab, the mandatory Islamic veil in theocratic Iran, and since that day numerous violent demonstrations have begun, with clashes with the plitia and even assaults on the stations of paramilitary groups that deal with the "Maintenance of morality".

Iranian officials said seven people have died since protests broke out on Saturday after Amini's funeral, where women began removing their veils in protest, sometimes burning it in public defiance. Protesters denounced cases of "live fire" tactics and the use of lethal weapons by the police to disperse the protests, which have spread to several provinces.

People cheer when girls throw their hijabs at the stake and shouts "Enough with the dictatorship" and "Ayatolah go to that country" in many cities of Iran, including the capital.

The events involve university students (source Anonyme Citoyen)

iran death to dictators

Demonstrations took place not only in the cities of the north and west, but also in the capital Tehran itself

iran tehran

People are less and less afraid of the police and now openly throw stones at the armored vehicles that intervened to suppress the demonstrations

iran stone person

To signal the social nature of the revolt is the fact that banks are also attacked as in this case in which the crowd set fire to the public bank Saderat in Shirvan

bank fire

The basis of the demonstration is the rejection of the religious obligations of the hijab, but this is then evolving into a mass revolt that also has social and economic bases. This is why the Tehran government is in such a hurry to sell its oil abroad: its internal survival depends on the resources it would derive from it. In the meantime, however, it blocks social media in the hope of containing the flare-up of demonstrations

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