Johnson: his government crumbles. They leave two key ministers, but he doesn’t quit and raises

Boris Johnson's government is losing pieces. Prominent politicians such as Finance Minister (Chancellor of the Exchequer) Rishi Sunak and Interior Secretary Prati Patel have resigned after yet another position taken by Prime Minister Johnson with the appointment of Conservative MP Chris Pincher to a position key in the government with welfare-related duties despite allegations of sexual abuse against him. Just this morning the Minister for Education Chris Pincher would have resigned, joining the others, in a pathetic scene in which he begged BBC to resign live….

The Conservative party is in a moment of serious fracture due to a series of political mistakes made by Boris Johnson, first of all the famous "Partygate", when in May 2021, in full lockdown, he allowed parties to be held in the seat of government forbidden to all other Englishmen, in which the prime minister himself took part, being fined by the police. Since then it has been a gradual descent into chaos for the Conservative party, accompanied by a series of debacles in both local and constituency elections where members of parliament have been renewed. Part of the Tories are evidently afraid to follow Johnson to the end because they fear being involved in his own complete electoral debacle.

In the meantime, however, Boris Johnson goes on pretending nothing has happened. has appointed a wealthy Anglo-Iraqi entrepreneur, Nadhim Zahawi, as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and wants to present an important new plan of action and aid to deal with the energy and inflationary crisis that is hitting the country. Meanwhile, among other parliamentarians abandon him, but the government does not fall for the knowledge that, in the event of a vote, the United Kingdom would be handed over to Labor who have no merit, other than being in the opposition.

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