“Living lying down”: the malaise of Chinese young and old that puts the CCP at risk

Online in China the saying " Lying down ", 「soprattutto, is spreading, especially among young people, and this saying is also spreading abroad, and indicates a way of being completely passive, inert, the “Do nothing” neither from the point of view of personal growth nor as a family creation. Some analysts believe that China lacks personal social protection, so that "lying down", doing nothing, becomes the only personal defense, even at the cost of sending the entire social fabric into crisis.

"Lying down, or perhaps better" Living lying down ", as the latest buzzword of the Internet, has recently become popular in mainland China, and actually involves adults in their middle age as well. All this metrializes in total despair, in a life that can be condensed into “less work, no buying a house, no shopping, no marriage and no children”. A life of mere subsistence

Regarding this social phenomenon, Ms. Yang, who studied the phenomenon in Shanghai, believes that "lying down" is not actually a voluntary lifestyle, but a silent protest against the society in which any active protest is suppressed, for to which one reacts in a passive way, closing in on oneself and eventually self-destructing. He stressed that such negative emotions are highly contagious and pose an invisible danger to social security. It is not a question of meditation, but of hatred which turns into total passivity.

Despite the appearance of China as a victorious country in all economic aspects, the life of young people is very hard, because they are unable to have prospects of realization in an increasingly harsh economic and social world and in a politically illiberal and repressive world . The result is that all those who do not belong to minorities "Who succeed" then "They lie down" become passive, seemingly indifferent, but in reality full of resentment and ready for extreme reactions without any warning. A real deep evil for society. At the same time, this abandonment is difficult to experience in today's China, with skyrocketing inflation, and involves a continuous lowering of lifestyle.

Obviously, the CCP sees this way of living in a hostile way: without absolute commitment to work and, above all, without a demographic push, China is on the way to crisis, even very quickly. At the same time, the lack of economic and political freedom prevents the development of any active thrust. Forcing people to be happy is beyond the scope of communism.

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