M.G. Jerseys: we will get to the total sale

Maria Giovanna Maglie intervenes on the theme of the pandemic and the Recovery Fun. L 'Italy could really be faced with a dilemma: or rebirth, or the final collapse. The economic results deriving from the C ovid crisis are still to be discovered and almost all our hopes are placed in a plan prepared by Europe . The hidden pitfalls behind the infamous RecoveryPlan are many, also largely unknown to most.

Among the many, one in particular was remembered by Maria Giovanna Maglie speaking of an " emergency brake " ready to take action as soon as Italy has not complied with the reforms requested by the Union. There will be a need for a new resistance against those who want to destroy the country, a productive and entrepreneurial resistance against those who have sold and sold it .

The writer spoke about it as a guest of the webinar " China , the pandemic and the alternative to politically correct", promoted by the Identity Reaction association and the Family and Identity Values ​​Department of the League .

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