Bill Gates invited to present evidence of relationships with Jeffrey Epstein (and not only)

Bill Gates was urged to present some evidence on his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, after their mutual acquaintance emerged and was even called into question in his recent divorce from wife Melinda.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin, representing nine of Epstein's accusers, told The Sun that Gates should come forward and voluntarily provide any information about Epstein and his associates that could help with the ongoing investigation into Ghislaine Maxwell, the "Lady". by Epstein.

Why do you take business meetings with such a person? I question the moral character of anyone who chooses to take business meetings with someone who has exhibited that kind of behavior and has admitted that kind of behavior . " Kuvin said, adding, “ With Bill Gates, his wealth and investigative powers, I find it incredibly hard to believe he wouldn't have known the full extent of the allegations that have been leveled against Epstein here for this. "

Gates, just like Prince Andrew, denied any allegations and tried to distance himself from the dead "financier" despite evidence that the two were much closer than he claims. Instead, even according to the NYT, Gates met Epstein when his allegations of pedophilia were already known.

Attorney Kuvin added that the timing of the divorce with Melinda, whose trial is believed to have started in 2019, just around the time of Epstein's arrest on sex trafficking charges, and this "looks suspicious."

Among other things, it was learned that the Microsoft board had strongly criticized and put under investigation his stay on the board of the company because of a romantic affair with a young employee of the company. Another unexpected piece in Gates' private life. All this after an engineer at Microsoft had written, in 2019, a letter in which he made known his emotional history with Bill Gates that lasted a few years. Another nail on his wedding coffin.

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