Tarantella and somersaults of the left on weapons and defense

Tarantella and somersaults of the left on weapons and defense

Italics by Giuseppe Gagliano

Those who still – naively – were convinced that the left is alien, if not hostile, to the military world and, specifically to the world of military industry, would commit an apocalyptic error.

In fact, the Democratic Party – formally heir to the PCI outpost of the Warsaw Pact in Europe – represents one of the bulwarks not only of NATO but in general of American foreign policy and of our country's industrial defense policy.

Naturally, it remains an enigma how the ARCI – which has always been linked to this party – can then promote initiatives throughout the national territory that go in the exact opposite direction. Probably it is an internal political dialectic. It is probably a matter of pluralism. Probably…

We were talking about the Pd. We are referring for example to Marco Minniti who heads the «Med-Or» Foundation of Leonardo, the former Finmeccanica controlled for 30% by the Ministry of Economy; we refer to Nicola Latorre, former very close collaborator of Massimo D'Alema, former president of the Senate Defense Commission and who today leads the Defense Industries Agency as director general appointed by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini (Pd).

But certainly the most illustrious person is precisely Guerini, current Minister of Defense, an iron Atlantic who during the recent NATO meeting held between 17 and 18 February guaranteed that our country will undertake to allocate at least 20% of military spending to purchase of new armaments.

But equally significant is his speech in Defense news in which he underlined how the defense industry, in a world characterized by geopolitical uncertainty, constitutes a solid guarantee both to relaunch our economy and employment.

In short, the defense industry is certainly a source of economic revival but also an investment for future generations.

An approach that was reaffirmed again on March 9 at the Defense committees of the Chamber and Senate in which he was able to underline the need to enhance the Italian defense industry precisely to guarantee a strategic lever for the national economy.

For those readers who naively thought that the production of weapons only serves to guarantee economic growth, it would be useful to remember – not without irony – that weapons are primarily used to make war, both defensive and offensive. Who knows what the Honorable Lia Quartapelle thinks of her colleague Guerini.

It is difficult not to observe that the Democratic Party is truly a kind of two-faced Janus.

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