Prosecutor De Pasquale and PM Spdaro under investigation in Brescia: they concealed important evidence in the ENI case

The deputy prosecutor of Milan Fabio De Pasquale and the prosecutor Sergio Spadaro are now being investigated by the Brescia Public Prosecutor with the hypothesis of refusal of official acts in relation to the Eni / Shell-Nigeria trial of which the Court filed the reasons on Wednesday of the acquittal of all the accused. The trial was based on accusations against ENI leaders of having paid bribes in cash for the relationship to oil concessions in Nigeria.

The registration dates back to about ten days ago after the interrogation of the prosecutor Paolo Storari, also investigated in Brescia for the case of the minutes of the lawyer Amara and the conflicts with the top management of his office. We recall that Storari sent the famous ones to Davigo. The report of the proceedings against the two prosecutors has reached the Pg of the Cassation Salvi, the CSM and the Ministry of Justice, who will now be able to proceed with disciplinary measures, if necessary.

From judicial sources we learn that among the behavior of the prosecutors put under observation there is "also the story of the video not filed in the Eni trial", but it is not the only story under investigation. This video would concern a witness who, taken without his knowledge, exonerated the ENI top management. De Pasquale not only did not use this video, but even denied it to the defense, considering it "not influential". A position that now puts him in great difficulty, he and the entire Milan prosecutor's office.

An office of the prosecution that, until yesterday, seemed as armored as the Milanese one is being put under investigation, all while the controversy over the "Palamara System", the power of the various currents, the Democratic judiciary in the head which, at Milan had its own fort. Anyway, why does a prosecutor ignore fundamental evidence? Isn't it that the left, often pro-French, had a totalizing vision on the issue?

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