RadioRadio: here is an example of live Fake News

The problem with the numbers is that, if they are spread out, they must be precise and contextualized, otherwise there is confusion and fake news is said. Bassetti goes to Berlinguer and candidly states that in the United Kingdom 91% of the population is vaccinated so you can do without the vaccination pass, which is abhorred by the British.

Too bad it is a huge fake news, because the British have a percentage of vaccinated lower than the Italian one even if higher than 60%, and there is no vaccination provided for minors. Radioradio explains it well

Probably the Genoese doctor wanted to refer to the older segment of the population who, in fact, were massively vaccinated in the United Kingdom, as indeed in Italy.

However, the vaccination pass at work has nothing to do with this: almost completely vaccinated are retired people, people who have left the world of work. Reality is simpler: people who love freedom do not want it limited. We, who are used to obeying, are willing to accept a bit of everything, from Bassettos to Brunettas …

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